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The Instagram Act


The more time I spend in this new little community that we’re so carefully and lovingly putting together the more I realize that it’s a part of a much larger network of passionate artists who put a living capturing images.

The photographic community is one that I hadn’t intended to so directly connect with but it clearly makes perfect sense that Pressgram become a vital and important part of the evolving landscape of digital media.

Such things as meta data are even more important in light of some of the recent political changes that are happening, such as Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act in the UK where creatives, artists, and photographers have lost their rights to their work.

This is not a joke – these “orphan works” is the center of the controversy:

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redwall-mouseThere’s something powerful about a great story and Redwall is one of them. I have read nearly all of Brian Jacques‘ series, only missing a few at the end.

The story of brave mice fighting all sorts of anthropomorphic characters gripped me as a young child and I can still remember the haunting (yet comforting) appearance of such characters (or ghost) as Martin the Warrior.

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Dev Demo 1

Excited to share with you the first development demo of the actual application on my iPhone!

As I may have mentioned (I forget) the reason I have so few apps on my iPhone can be explained here: Crippling My iPhone. The reason is so that I can have more margin in my life to finish this project as well as maintain my sanity.

Ok, ready? Check it out!

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How unfortunate that this perspective is so pervasive in our society.

Thinking precedes doing, yet most people never get to the second part.

Final Icon Design

App Icon Template 3

Final Icon Design

First of all, thank you so much for all of your generous feedback on the previous icon designs (here, here, and here). I took all of into consideration and poured over it trying to find the “right” solution that will fit our collective needs for a very long time.

What you see before you is where I’ve landed with it. You’ll find a tweaked design (based on a lot of your feedback that it was too “busy”) and that really retains some of the original concept.

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Limited Edition TShirt

Pressgram Kickstarter Limited Edition TShirt

Pressgram Kickstarter Limited Edition TShirt

Courtesy of Kristin Spencer and her work I can finally share with you guys the TShirt that I’ll be shipping to backers of our Kickstarter project!

I love the “chalkboard” effect as it really shares the somewhat “work in progress” that is our collective journey with this app. Of course, the backers have a very unique look inside the process and story that we’re creating and will always have a special place in my heart!

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