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The Simplest of Sales Strategies

I was sitting down with another startup founder late last week and we were comparing notes on how we built our previous ventures, especially in terms of sales.

I’m not a sales person by trade or by education but I have picked up a few things here and there. For me, developing a sales strategy is very, very simple. It starts with these 4 core basics:

  • Sell something people want to buy.
  • Sell something people know how to buy.
  • Own the sales process.
  • Measure the sales process.

The question for you to answer is whether or not you have a product or service that people can and want to buy. Do your customers actually know how to buy the darn thing? Is it easy to acquire? Do you own the sales process and can you measure it to the penny?

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Adding Copyright

Stop those pirates.

Stop those pirates.

So, I decided to go ahead and proceed with the addition of a copyright text of the username in the bottom right-hand corner for v1.0. The user can toggle this on/off per their user settings so you don’t have to use it if you don’t like!

This wasn’t in the original scope and didn’t add too much additional work – probably spent a day or two on it (although every single day counts at this point).

But I really felt like there was a point of small innovation that was possible here, a’la Samsung.

Here’s a look at how I’m doing this:

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Short Advertising Email

I was asked just the other day what the shortest email I’ve sent out to a potential sponsor or advertiser for a blog was. To be sure, there is no silver bullet message but I told him that one should always stay simple, to the point, and honest. His question was most likely related to these blog posts here and here.

Businesses are busy. The people who run them are busy. They need to know the bottom-line impact of a potential partnership with a blog very quickly –  just give them the facts, no extraneous details are necessary.

Just get down to business, capisce? Here’s an example super-short email I’ve sent out to someone in the past:

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ALPHA Testing



Ok folks, I’m at the point where I’m going to start wanting my testers to actually start testing the application!


These people have already been identified via a particular reward via Kickstarter (over $125). I’ll send out a request for more information shortly via the messaging system.

I’m excited as this means that a few of you will be able to start experiencing some of the long hours and late nights that I’ve been pouring into this app. I’m nervous, to be honest.

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Entrepreneurship Starts with Basic Financial Management

I sat down with a budding entrepreneur late last week on a Skype call during one of my scheduled coaching engagements and began dissecting his financial planning and modeling into something that would work really well as he proceeded to make the transition from full-time employment at a salaried job with benefits into the next season of life, one that I’m very excited about for him.

He’s got great ideas, just like everyone else does, but he also has the right amount of drive and motivation to actually execute on them into something. This is a rare natural quality but in many ways I believe that it can be functionally taught.

Although much of entrepreneurship is innately built into a person, successful entrepreneurship is as much process as it is intuition. The different outcomes (success and failure) lay in the simple foundations like money management that many do not seem to fully grasp.

And it really starts with operating costs – it doesn’t have to be complex. For example, here’s a quick overview of financial modeling and expenses that you can calculate easily:

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The Purpose of Great Design

Eames House

Eames House

Charles Eames, the famed designer and architectural juggernaut was one-half of the “Eames Team” as he partnered with his wife to make some of the most iconic furniture design of the 20th century. They impacted the industrial, graphic design, fine art, and film industry with their ingenuity and perspective. 

One of my most favorite quotes about the purpose of design is from Charles who once said, very simply:

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The Reckoning


3 years ago to the day I accepted an invitation to a meeting from one of my closest friends called Reckoning. Chris Ames, a partner at 8BIT, had been discussing with me about the newish blog that I had launched and I had prophesied that it was going to be a significant blog (I retired this blog yesterday).

This is what the meeting notes said:

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Retiring TentBlogger

Already a few of you have noticed a slight change in the URL structure here on my blog (stalkers…!) – yes, is officially retired and I’m now using what was once my personal landing / branding page as my blog instead.

I foreshadowed this change here in this post and it’s part of a series of changes that should occur over the next few months including a sweet design change, which I’m really quite excited about.

All traffic should be successfully re-routed and 301’d to the right place but if you see anything missing or out of line then please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

For those that have been with me the longest you know that I make dramatic shifts like this every once in a while and I’m so thankful you’ve stuck around as long as you have – it means a great deal to me that you still find value in the things that I write and you can rest assured that I will never change that aspect of my online publishing.

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