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The Startup Advantage

It can be entirely intimidating to go up against a giant (or multiple giants) within an industry and feel like you’ve even got a shot in hell to make an impact.

In some ways, the fear of being utterly obliterated is what the titans hope you feel so that it would stop you from doing your great work and disrupting their happy place on top of the mountain. In this way you would focus more on trying to trudge up that steep and near-impossible climb instead of finding an innovative way around the impasse.

Sure, the “big” guys have things that the startup doesn’t have, including:

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Submitting App… Today!


And… with much anticipation… I shall endeavor to submit Pressgram to the official App Store today.

Hoping and praying that the review goes well the first time through, although my previous apps (iOS and Mac App Store) took a few tries to get through. If you’re of the praying kind I’ll take yours too, btw…

Perhaps I’ve learned a thing or two and I’ll get this one through with no problem.

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BETA 2, Codename: ‘Virtue’

Photo Credit: Natodd

Photo Credit: Natodd

Ok friends, since Apple Developer refuses to come back online I’ve decided to release to the testing group the build that I plan on sending over to Apple for review.

This is as close to the real app that you’re going to get testers! I’m calling it Virtue because of the old adage:

Patience is a virtue.

I don’t have much of it but it is what it is.

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When It Rains…


Oh snap. The Apple Developer system is still down which is a major bummer since it means that I can’t submit the app today. Ugh.

This is yet another “perfectly” timed challenges that I’ve been dealing with in the past few weeks. It seems as if the old adage is truly accurate:

When it rains, it pours.

In the worst moments I feel as if the world is conspiring against us and attempting to thwart our good work! Argh!

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Jeff Bezos inspires me to no end. The guy, who has a current network just north of $25 billion, first worked on Wall Street and did a great job in finance. One could have seen him easily stay there and be of great example of classical success.

But then he decided to create an internet startup. What did he do? He moved out of one of the most expensive cities with his wife to a cheaper city to get cheaper staffing costs and a much cheaper lifestyle so he could ensure the survival of the business.

This was, by his own account, one of the most important decisions he ever made for He’s now worth, again, $25+ billion dollars and his company is still raking in an ungodly amount. It reminds me, if nothing else, to ask myself consistently if I am willing to make the hard and tough decisions so that my business can succeed.

Are you?

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