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Dragon Con 2013 Epic Parade in Pictures

I had a blast taking a break from a very weary season of software development by taking my 2 girls out to their first ever Dragon Con! Since parking is impossible we took the local MARTA system into downtown Atlanta.

Even at the station near our home they began to see magical costumes appear in every shape and size. If I had a nickel every single time one of my daughters yelled:



Appa!!! WHAT IS THAT?!

… I’d be a very, very rich man.

To be honest, I estimated that my ability to name the characters and their pop culture origin was probably just slight north of 50%. 60% if I’m giving myself some slack. There were a ton of costumes and characters that I had no idea where they were from (still gorgeous and amazing of course).

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Thoughts on Moderating, Banning Hashtags

No you didn't...!

No you didn’t…!

I’ve created a cursory list of moderated hashtags that will not be available to search inside the application itself. Some examples are as follows:

  • #likeigiveadick
  • #pussy
  • #boobs
  • #instabitch
  • #xxx
  • … … …

Ad naseum. I took this list directly from Instagram and from their API Developer Group where they’ve stated that they block high-volume hashtags that provide “little value”:

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Submission Complete!


And that’s that. I’ve asked to “expedite” this review as well so maybe we’ll have an answer more quickly.

It’s been a long, long week. I hope you’ve had a great one my friends! I’ll see you on the other side. I need a nap.