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Facebook Wants to Own Your Very Soul

Those Dementors via Harry Potter were soul-suckingly evil... like Facebook.

Those Dementors via Harry Potter were soul-suckingly scary… like Facebook.

You already know that I have unequivocally declared Facebook my enemy for a variety of reasons (like this and this and this and this) and it’s been quite apparent to me for quite some time that you are their product as they commercialize you and your work.

And sure, they’ve done it shamelessly but they’ve never been completely honest about it. Well, at least we can scratch off the last part now as they’ve unambiguously shared their intentions in their new updated policy.

Take a look at come to terms with this obvious fact: Facebook owns everything and if they could they’d take your soul too.

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10 Reasons I’m Moving to Droplr (Bye Bye CloudApp)

I’m giving Droplr a serious look in the next few weeks as look to simplify my current technological and even financial expenditures.

What’s nice about this solution is the new addition of annotation that I have a serious need for daily. What am I replacing/combining? I’m combining my epic use of CloudApp and Glui into just one app.

If you’re like me then the opportunity to combine two apps into one is more than enough motivation to give it a serious whirl. In addition, the yearly fee for Droplr is less than the annualized fee of CloudApp. A small financial win? You bet.

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Final Beta

                Walking through the final issues. Been a long day and didn't get to re-submit today. But feeling great about knocking out small bugs for the users!

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Not Marked by Mary Demuth


Please consider supporting my friend Mary DeMuth and her new book, Not Marked, an honest portrayal of the struggle and healing of those who have been marked by sexual abuse.

Also, please share this with others or with friends and family who may have encountered or experienced this in their own lives – this is one of those things that spends way too much time in the shadows, behind closed doors, and in secret. Healing simply can’t occur until it’s brought to light.

I believe Mary could be a part of that healing journey; and, as Mary shares, it is a long and winding, and difficult one. No need to go it alone.