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Austin – Cars Challenge Winner

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The Cars Challenge Winner is Pressgram user @Austin! It was super tough to pick this week. So many great photos you guys posted. Some of cars in motion and even abstract with reflections and lights on the road. We loved this one because this image tells a little story. Perhaps a man going home from work on the back of the truck. Maybe he is traveling through. Who knows. That’s the best part. Maybe @Austin will share the story behind the picture with us in the comments!

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Thanks to everyone who took part this weekend! You guys rock!

Filters v2.0: Names, Numbers, or Both?

v1.0 was... ok. v2.0 is going to be awesomesauce.

v1.0 was… ok. v2.0 is going to be awesomesauce.

Filters for v2.0 are going to get a serious upgrade and I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to optimize how I not only create the filters but also getting advice from real design experts and photographers on how best to develop and design filters.

Because, I’ll admit it, v1.0’s filters are not exactly amazing… in fact, they kind of suck. This is why I even use some other apps to edit my images before importing them into Pressgram. This additional step weighs heavily upon me so I’m aiming to fix that in a really big way with version 2.0

So… needless to say, it’s going to knock your socks off and it should be a much more pleasant and better starting point for image editing in the upcoming version (release date is unknown but most likely sometime early next year). Version 1.3 and 1.4 are being actively worked on right now to fix existing bugs and improve performance.

One of the questions that has come up is whether or not the v1.0 model of filters is the right one moving forward. I have seen many of the other image editing apps out there and some use explicit names while others use numbers while even others use some code sequencing like a combination of alpha-numeric.

I suppose my question to you is simply this:

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Primed via Jeff Henderson

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A few thoughts via Jeff Henderson who presented on the topic of How to Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Presentation @ Roam Dunwoody last Friday.

These notes are in no particular order but rather the “nuggets” that I got from Jeff.

It’s worth noting that Jeff has launched a new consulting business called Primed where he coaches others on how to do this specifically – there are few people who have the practical expertise and know-how that I’d sit under for teaching.

This is especially true since I am not a professional communicator and so I’m not actively looking for coaching or mentoring in this regard – but he’s so good that I can’t pass up on an opportunity to learn from him.

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Thoughts on a Movement

Power to the (app) people.

Power to the (app) people.

I have talked about a “movement” a few times and I’ve been thinking actively about what this means for something like a digital application, a technology idea and how it’s implemented with users.

Can a mobile app be a movement in some form? Can the people really rally around a belief, a philosophy, a worldview that’s manifested through a digital device and technological application? Honestly, I think so.

As such, I’ve been doing a bit of cursory research on “successful” movements that made their mark on history. I came across this article via CNN that really captured a few elements that I found not only fascinating but important and pragmatic.

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vanearl – On a Walk

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We came across Pressgram user @vanearl and his work during last week’s challenge. It’s always tough to choose, but it doesn’t mean that the runner ups don’t rock as well! We love the lighting in this shot and she seems like one cool dude. @vanearl has some great photos to share with us, so be sure to find him on Pressgram and leave him a comment!

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