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Halloween Challenge Winner – checorreaphotog

checorreaphotog discover pressgram halloween

The Halloween Challenge winner is @checorreaphotog! This image is just the ticket for this challenge. It’s creepy, menacing and just incredibly awesome. Her concept is quite original and well put together.

Che Correa is a photographer from Wisconsin, USA and she best describes herself on her website with this quote from her about page on her website,

I shoot all the things that matter to me or all the mundane things that really don’t matter. I am the perpetual student, I am the evolving artist, I am just me.

She has some awesome photos in her feed, so be sure to fine @checoreaphotog on Pressgram and say hello!

You can find the original post here.

You can check out her website here.

Weekend Challenge #9 – Recycle

DP Challenge Recycle

This weekend challenge is all about going through our old photos and either sharing it or completely renewing it! If you have favorite photos from last year, from Instagram, or maybe you found an image you shot, but never shared. We want to see it! Nothing better than finding an old gem and dusting it off to share with the world. It’s even nice to see how much we have progressed when we go through old images we took.

To enter, just go on Pressgram and use #dprecycle on your images! When you post them, please tell us a little background story about it too! The story might just make your image that much better!

Have a great weekend!


Goodbye DSLR


I sold my Canon DSLR that I’ve had for more than 4 years earlier this week and it’s hard to agree with my sentiments at the time now that the advancement of mobile photography has grown and the quality and technology is quickly catching up to those larger devices.

Granted, I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination but rather more of a typical consumer I can understand completely why DSLRs are very much here to stay, but for me I found that my iPhone 5s is doing a perfectly fine job of capturing images as I need.

In fact, not only am I able to capture images but I’m also able to edit them and publish / share them all on the same device. Upon selling my DSLR (via Craigslist) it reminded me about how the convergence of all these tools and technologies and how it’s fundamentally changing our perspective of our own use.

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Preview of New Filters, Borders

I’ve been working hard on creating a whole new lineup of filters and I’m happy to share with you guys a preview of all that hard work!

I literally hand-built every single one of these filters from scratch and I’m really happy with the results. Again, the goal of this version is to give the user a bunch of options of baseline filters to choose from and when version 2.0 releases I may pare these down a bit as we’ll have more advanced editing controls that will make the number of baseline filters excessive.

But, of course, I’m open to hearing from the community and seeing how you guys respond to the choices – heck, we may end up keeping them all, who knows (you tell me!)?

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ernrocks – Footprints

ernrocks discover pressgram


The “Friends Activity” feed is such a great place to find who everyone else is following and what they are liking too. I ran across this awesome black and white beach shot by @ernrocks because of the activity feed. I love how he shot into the light for this one to create harsh shadows and strong lines from shore line to lead you towards the subject even more than just following the footsteps. Be sure to fine @ernrocks on Pressgram and say hello!

You can find the original post here.

Check out his website here.


To help us discover you or someone you think we should share on our blog, please use the hashtag #DiscoverPressgram in your images on Pressgram.

Coworking in Atlanta: Cornerstone at NovoLogic

Cornerstone at NovoLogic is one of the last places that I have scheduled to visit in terms of the Atlanta-based coworking spots.

This one was a challenge as I had to drive 35 miles to get here and it really tested my nerves as it was the longest round-trip adventure with my electric car without a charge in-between stops, but I made it back fine as I chose to drive during off-peak hours for the sake of performance.

But I really hoped that Cornerstone would prove to be a worthwhile trip since I did have to travel all the way up north into Lawrenceville to get there!

And it’s definitely a pretty location, that’s for sure inside a corner building right off of W. Crogan Street and Culver St. With high-ceilings and a very polished interior it reminded me immediately of the production quality of Roam Dundwoody but with a much different feel to it.

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A Sneak Peek at the v1.5 Filters


There’s a small sneak peek at what’s coming very shortly in version 1.5 – a ton of baseline filters for you to choose from and all of them are entirely free.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the goal right now is to offer the end-user a host of choices when it comes to base filters and then reduce that number when the more advanced editing features arrive in the much bigger version 2.0 (which I’ve already concepted out about 90% of the way).

The color tiles should help you visually scan for the one that suits you best so that if you’re developing a specific look consistent look around your images you can get to it fairly quickly.

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Andrealivieri – the sky with polka dots


This is a sight that always makes me stop in my tacks. This image is titled “Il cielo a pois” (translates from French to “the sky with polka dots”). The unity and sheer number of birds taking off from the tree in the corner of the frame is staggering. This beautiful scene was captured by Pressgram user @andrealivieri and is a great reminder of why “the best camera is the one that is with you” (Thanks Chase).

Be sure to give @andrealivieri a follow on Pressgram.

You can find his original post here.

If you would like to be blown away by some amazing portrait photography come check out Andrea’s website!

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