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Coworking in Atlanta: Hypepotamus

I’m making it my personal mission to finish visiting all of the existing coworking spots in Atlanta and there were only 2 more left on the list that I had yet to visit (and document) personally, the first being Hypepotamus.

Now, I’ve been to this location 6 or 7 times already and have spoken at this location at least 3 times for local meetups. I’m actually surprised I hadn’t covered them yet!

In any case, I really like this space, for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s entirely free. Yes, 100% free. (They are a 501c3 non-profit.)
  2. It’s very close to my home, which is even more important now that I have an electric vehicle.
  3. It’s right next door to Georgia Tech which means that you have tons of opportunity to bump into young and fresh talent (it’s a hotbed of collaboration and networking) and also with Tech Square a block away you have some decent options for food.
  4. The leadership there is awesome (Scott Henderson specifically).

All this makes for a very neat and cozy space that allows a free spot to work with the potential to meet your future co-founder (why the heck not?!).

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Surprise Halloween Challenge!

DP Challenge Halloween

Use #dphw on Pressgram by October 31st to be entered for a chance to get a spotlight post right here on the blog! Submit photos that you think best describe halloween. It could be dark and scary or colorful and full of candy. Maybe even an awesome halloween costume you made this year. Share it with us and we might just share it with the community!


Patiencepennington – Grandma’s steel string guitar

Patiencepennington - grandma's steel string guitar


There are some object that we grow up just adoring. Maybe it’s your dad’s camera or a sowing machine your great aunt used. These objects hold a special meaning for us. For Pressgram user @patiencepennington, it was her grandma’s steel string guitar. Something about that crisp, clean, bright sound. It inspired her. Her grandma asked her to hold on to it while they move. @patiencepennington explained to me that she felt “very blessed to have the opportunity to play it, even if it’s only for a few months.”

This image made me stop and think of the objects I hold dear from my childhood; ah, memory lane. Let us know some things that bring you back to the old days in the comments below?

Be sure to find @patiencepennington on Pressgram and give her some love.

You can find her original post here:

Pets Challenge Winner – Zen

#DPpets winner

We found some adorable and amazing shots of your favorite furry friends this weekend! It was hard to pick a clear winner, but this shot by @zen was a keeper. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for this weekend’s challenge!

Check out the original photo here:

Check out @zen‘s website here:
And follow on Twitter: @23n

Honorable Mentions

There were so many awesome photos that had to be featured here!

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s challenge! We look forward to seeing your awesome photos throughout the week.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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A Week without Twitter

It’s been one entire week since I decided to take a significant break from Twitter and I was able to stay true to my plan of logging off completely from the service – I didn’t even get to read any public remarks or responses that people had (via Twitter) since it really didn’t matter much to me.

My commitment to myself was to hit “Publish” on that blog post and then delete all the apps from my phone and go radio silent. Now that I’m a full week through my experiment I can tell you that I’m enjoying every single moment in this “logged off” state and although I’m not 100% sure it feels like I may never come back.

The feeling was the same as when I ditched my Facebook account except it has been amplified about 10x. Here are some general top-level thoughts that I’ve had since leaving the service:

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Fixing Family

What if the most important thing that you do in your time here on earth is to fix your family?

More specifically healing the broken relationships that may exist in your direct and extended family. I, like many of you, do not have a flawless family (on both my side and my wife’s side). There is hurt, pain, disappointment, rejection, and more that push us apart and some of those things go deep into the softest of tissue making it all but impossible to resuscitate.

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Still Waiting for v1.4…

Has a sad...

Has a sad…

Yup, we are still waiting on Apple to approve and release v1.4. It’s now been over a week and it’s literally killing me. I makes me wonder if I did anything wrong when submitting it…

Although the # of users who are having issues with the rotated images and publishing to WordPress (and Twitter) are few, I still feel the agony of not being able to push these updates out quickly and being held up in a way that’s outside of my control.


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We Pair Well

Love this! (via @Said

Love this! (via @Said)

A neat little culinary creation by one of our community members! I love seeing this type of stuff!

What other Pressgram-inspired creations have you seen lately? Make sure to let us know!

Daren – Sunset at Monument Valley

daren discover pressgram

I love seeing fellow photographers do what they do best, go out and shoot. The world we live in has such a dynamic landscape to share. Pressgram user @daren was out recently shooting a sunset at Monument Valley, which is on the border of Utah and Arizona in the United States. If you find @daren on Pressgram you will be able to see the shots he captured while he was there! Be sure to say hello if you find him! In fact, tell him we sent you!

You can find the original post here:

Check out his photography website here:

Follow him on Twitter:

jenn_h – From the weekend

jenn_h discover pressgram

This shot looks like a great weekend to me! Love this composition and scene of the beach captured by Pressgram user @jenn_h. The lines from the waves crashing to shore are fantastic and create abstract lines through the image. The people add even more character as well. Be sure to find @jenn_h on Pressgram since she doesn’t use twitter or have a website to share with us.

You can find the original post here:


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