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Aquinas on Friendship

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

I’m learning this more and more each year although it’s becoming even more difficult to determine what exactly friendship really is.

idemo – get out and play


Sometimes it’s the little one’s in our lives that remind us how to live. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not. Children have a way of getting us out of our comfort zone and showing us that life is meant for play! Pressgram user @idemo captured this moment of youthful glee and it made me want to get out and run around for no reason other than to enjoy this moment for the moment’s sake.

With the changing of the weather and the hectic Christmas season in full swing make sure to take some time to get outside and play a little. It will bring a smile to your face and brighten your whole day. Take a break and get out and play!

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Concepts for IAP

A little while ago I shared some concepts for what I had been thinking about in terms of in-app purchases (IAP) so that we can make a go at making this a legit and sustainable app.

This is an ever-increasing need and anxiety for me as the data costs continue to rise. This is great, mind you, since that means usage and engagement and signups are up and to the right! But, stories like the one of TurnTable remind me of the reality that is fast approaching and the need to make this thing “float” financially.

Here are two design concepts for what I’ve been toying around with so far:

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WGmeets – Not Everyone | Only Some

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Great shot by @WGmeets on Pressgram. There is something to be said about patterns and photography. I love the way the windows are light to create an almost digital matrix look on the building. Sporadic yet aligned and parallel.

Each light is a person with a story to tell. A day to share. Some are great stories, some comedic, some sad and some completely tragic. Maybe just maybe someone is busy working away building up the next big thing that will create jobs and employ amazing people to do amazing things.

Be sure to find @WGmeets on Pressgram and say hello!

You can find the original post here.

You can find his website here where he talks about music, art and other forms of media. It’s cool stuff! (I love his logo!)

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The Megapixel Bragfest

via @marcusbofficial

“Ready for my 24 Carat Gold Bath” via @marcusbofficial

We are a generation that brags incessantly with our mobile devices showcasing to the world our good fortune and the neat toys that we get to play with, the places that we get to visit (or live), and the special people that we hang out with.

It’s all done in high-fidelity image capture, editing done via advanced mobile applications for an even “better” perspective, and then shared publicly to our adoring fans and followers. This generation is one that will be known for (and remembered by) the thousands upon thousands of images that have been created for the sole purpose of bragging.

And I don’t mind it as much as you might think.

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Basic Concept Sketches

I have been building concepts for this app for years and I hope to find some time to dig in and find all of the iterations over the years that has lead up until this point but for now I’ll just post some of the most recent ones.

Late last month I realized that it might just be the right time to take a serious look into building this app and so I sat down and walked through some of the core screens that I thought would be necessary even going as far as adding some shortcut keys that I thought I’d want:

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Thankful for… Tomorrow.


There’s so much to be thankful for as we look at the last 12 months since the last season of Thanksgiving – in fact, I am thinking about the same thing that I did last year in terms of being thankful for the future.

Now that I can look back at those 12 months with clarity it’s striking to think about how much has happened and how most of those things could never have been predicted. 12 months is far too distant for any realistic forecasting and even tomorrow is mostly unknown and unpredictable.

And yet that is exactly what I am thankful for because as far as I can tell there will be a tomorrow and it’ll be as bright (if not brighter) than it was today. I can be thankful for this very moment as I entertain the very near future and think fondly of it in all it’s glorious mystery.

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