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Saving $20,000 per Month



There are many things that I can be very thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday (as do you) but there’s one thing that I’m very thankful for right now and it’s the fact that I’m not facing down a $20,000 monthly data bill for our network.

At least… for right now.

It’s sad to see other startups grow and then fail to meet their profit targets and ultimately have to make the tough decisions to shut down or at least dismantle and become a “shell” of what they used to be. Turntable FM just recently made that critical decision after 2 years of growth with a significant pivot that has them saving a boat-load of money:

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Surprise Thanksgiving Challenge!

Discover Pressgram Challenge Thanks

It’s about to be a busy month with the holiday season already consuming us.

With the inspiration from Thanksgiving here in the States, it’s time for a surprise Discover Pressgram Challenge!

Regardless of your nationality, it’s never wrong to count our blessings and really reflect on how blessed we are. From now until December 2, share photos using #DPThanks.

Tag a friend or family member who’s helped you. Share a picture of something you’re thankful for.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank you?”  – William A. Ward

Remember to use #DPThanks so we can find your pictures!

The Right Person at the Right Time

Isn’t it always the case when you sit down with someone that you haven’t seen in a while and they drop some serious wisdom on you that rocks your world? It always makes me wonder why I don’t converse or meet up with these people more often…

I had two of those conversations yesterday with two different fellows that swept the rug from out underneath my feet. They were the types of conversations that make you just sit there for a time in silence as you roll the thoughts over in your head and attempt to take it all in. In fact, one of them I did just that as I sat there for a long time after our meeting at Starbucks and pondered these apparent truths in my small pea-brain.

Amazing how the right person at the right time can just magically shows up (on your calendar) and provides you with the right level of encouragement (and perhaps correction). I love how that happens.

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Mirror Challenge Winner – zscupoftea

zscupoftea discoverpressgram


I just love it when we are forced to think outside of the box. To see things in a new and interesting way. To appreciate how simple edits can change what we see. I am happy to announce that @zscupoftea is the winner of the Mirror Challenge!

@zscupoftea titled this image “Reaching Out”. It also looks like she used the Snapseed app as well as two filters within Pressgram. XP1 and BL1. I hope you guys have been loving testing out all of the filters. The feedback on them is so important since it may define how the app will upgrade and develop in the future. Pressgram is listening and so are we. We would love to know your thoughts on them.

What I love the most about this image is how it almost resembles an x-ray image. Almost giving a transparent feeling when someone reaches out to us when we are in need. When we are vulnerable we tend to reveal a lot about ourselves to others. Sometimes we need someone to reach out to just listen and be willing to be just as transparent as we are.

What does this image represent to you?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


You can find the original post here.

Check out Zoe’s awesome blog here.

A Look at Multiple Accounts


A requested feature that’s been brought up many times is the possibility of multiple accounts in the app. This would definitely not only differentiate the app from some of the other grams but allow a level of professionalism and maturity with the app itself.

We are pretty serious about our publishers and their ability to publish as simply as possible. With the possible introduction of multiple accounts this would be made feasible.

A fun .gif for you:

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Adding an Effective Digital Colophon



I think it’s an important service for all of us to have digital colophons – you know, a list of the tools and apps that you use to get your junk done.

I realized this morning that I had never fully created a concise directory although I have written about the tools that I have and use quite often.

Consequently, I spent some time this morning to collect those into one central location which you can find here.

The impetus was simply a visit to a mainstay blog that I have been subscribed to for years and I accidentally clicked through to their actual blog instead of just reading their content via Feedly, my RSS Reader of choice. I clicked around, as I typically do often, and found a link to their colophon that I hadn’t seen (or remembered).

I was instantly struck (and reminded) by how helpful this really was and it didn’t take but a second to think of how useful it would be for others! So I blocked out some time this morning to do just that.

Here are some thoughts that I had about adding one yourself:

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