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Discover Pressgram 365 Challenge: #dp365


So a new year is finally here and that means a fresh start, new challenges for all of us and even new perspectives on things. We want to help you start off the new year right with our Pressgram 365 Challenge. We want you to post a photo every single day using Pressgram.  Just use #dp365 in your post, but make sure you share it on twitter or google plus.  You can even track your days using #dp1, #dp2, #dp3, etc…… It is just amazing to see your own progress.

This idea within Pressgram was originally thought of by Pressgram user @iPhotographerM

Our first goal with this project is to force you to think every single day and push yourself to post something. If you use Pressgram but don’t publish to a blog or your website, we strongly encourage you to do so. If you don’t have a wordpress blog, you can start one right here. Creating the habit of posting to your blog every day is something great to have. Not only is it good for traffic, it’s great for you as a person. Healthy habits and commitments are wonderful for personal development.

We want you all to become better people, to become aware of how easy you can document your life and work through Pressgram, and how amazing it can be to see all the progress you have made from day one.

Our second goal with this is to connect and grow the Pressgram community through our social network presence and send more traffic and passionate people that care about what you do to you and your websites. That is a big deal to us.  We will be retweeting and sharing images and links you have shared on twitter and google plus, as long as you use the #dp365. 

If you feel like a post a day is too much to handle for your first try, then do our Pressgram 52 Challenge. Use #dp52 and we will retweet and share those as well! The same rules apply.

We can’t wait to see how you all progress and challenge yourselves to publish more often on your your own blogs!


Soft Spot for Skeuomorphic


There are 10,000 icons and logos and brands that I love and that have inspired me historically but unfortunately there are fewer of them today that continue to inspire.

This is mostly due to the fact that most designers and app creators are moving to a more flat design style in their icons. This is fine and dandy as there’s a lot of pressure to match the style created by Apple, especially for mobile and iOS.

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A glimpse of Christmas on Pressgram

Many of us on Pressgram celebrated Christmas in our own way. It was a great delight to see what everyone was up to and how they filled their days before and during this great time of year. Each person with their own unique perspective truly brought some joyful noise to my feed in the app. Here are some of my favorite’s that I found!

dp xmas johnpierre


I love this shot by Pressgram user @johnpierre. The text he used reminds me of an old slide projector or family photos I see. I just fell in love with it.



DP Xmas said

I love how Pressgram user @Said captured these little guys. These gnomes really know how to chill. I like these guys better than the elf on the shelf. That thing is just plain creepy! (haha)


dp xmas smhessenauer

Nothing better than getting up close and personal with our own trees we put up during the holidays. I love the old school long tinsel that was on this tree. A fantastic shot by Pressgram user @smhessenauer.


dpxmas melodie


It was a breath of fresh air to see this photo by Pressgram user @melodie. It took my by surprise. You don’t usually expect to see a Christmas tree on the beach! So cool.


Rickster – Abstract


Creating abstract imagery from your own camera photos can be a really fun and creative process. Here is an example from Pressgram user @Rickster

You can view the original image here

Rick has created a really intriguing image here and I think it’s almost impossible to decipher what the original image could have been ??

One clue we are given is that Rick has used the hashtag #moon ?

This image was also tagged with #fragmentapp and #tangentapp

Both apps are from a company called Pixtie and great examples of some of the apps available to help produce stunning works of “Abstract Art”

You can also follow Pixtie on Twitter here

I would love to see some more of our community members “Abstract” creations so please feel free to share some links below to your own shots.

Don’t forget to use #dpgram on Pressgram and Twitter so we can find you and your amazing work!


Knowledge is Power

Not only do we love learning how to shoot great photography, but we love learning about great ways to post-process photos, especially on an iPhone. Check out this great video produced by The Verge, featuring Jordan Oplinger, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Does this get you excited for the features coming in Pressgram v2.0?

My Goals for 2014

After my large 2013 Year in Review post I thought it would be worth sharing some of my goals for 2014, some of which are obvious considering some of the things that occurred in this past year.

I’ve written many times about the importance of having goals and have even written about how I plan my goals and execute my goals (doing it is better than talking and measurement matters) and even provided some inspiring posts previously as well (check out this gal here and how she learned to do something crazy in 1 year as well as this explicit timeline for blogging). Heck, I even have some time management tips on how I personally manage it all as well as how to kick the shit out of resistance.

You get the point – sitting down and getting some goals on paper can be pretty darn helpful and can help you achieve them. It’s worth doing, trust me on this.

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Brilliantly Deceptive

I went to the store to get some Mucinex last week and was having difficulty understanding the difference between the two choices above.

Luckily, I had my brother with me who is an RN and who knew how to quickly pick up the differences between the two. He flipped both of them over and, with a bit of surprise, told me that the only difference between the two was the fact that one had yellow dye and the other had red dye.

That was the entire difference:

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