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My Blog’s Voice


I have been giving a little more thought lately to the “voice” of my blog. I have written around the topic in previous years but I’m not sure I’ve ever tackled it head-on. A great guest post by Mary DeMuth about how she found her tagline (it took 7 years) references it pretty nicely so visit that one when you’ve got a sec.

I do not believe that my blog’s voice has changed much over the years but it’s only been recently where I was actually giving it more than a passing thought. In many ways I just thought that however I was writing was the way that it would be written and that would be that; there were more important things to do and consider.

But could it be improved (if such a thing can actually be done)? I believe that writers who write often become better writers as a result, just like many art forms and practices. In the same vein, one must continue to review all parts of the form and craft so that one can continue to improve on the whole. Consequently, the “voice” of my blog cycled through my head as I surveyed the property.


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2013 Year in Review

Each year I do some sort of “Year in Review” post (here is YiR 2012) and it’s taken me quite a bit of time to get this post off of the drafting table.

The reason is simply because there’s so much that had happened in the last year that it’s been difficult to categorize, put thoughts down on paper, and create some sort of order to it all.

There was also a lot of emotional ups and downs that required me to retrospect deeply and pause my writing so that I could adequately wander through it all into a cohesive set of sentences.

But I think I’ve been able to polish it up to a point where it’s readable (tons of editing and removal of nonsensical-ness) and at a point where I’ll be able to come back to it many years from now and remember the things that mattered.

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stemimages – remember to always look up

remember to always look up


Our focus is often what is in front of us. We often look where we’re headed. Our focus intent. Sometimes what we call “focus” stands in the way of being present.  Of an awareness of things happening around us.

It is difficult to appreciate the beauty of life and nature when we’re unaware of it. Sometimes all it takes is to look up.

Pressgram user @stemimages looked up and caught birds in flight. Against the backdrop of a blue sky as a building observes.

What I like about this photo is mainly the reminder.

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The 3 Ps

3-psYou’ve probably heard this ranking yourself and even, perhaps, committed yourself to making sure that this prioritization is set in place as you consider your own course of action and the decisions that you face but I wanted to bring it up one more time in 2013 as we gaze curiously into 2014.

As you consider what you should pursue this year make sure that you have these things in line: People, Projects, and Pay. 

All of them are important and many people have them in that exact order; in other words, they first consider who they are going to work with, what they are going to tackle, and then the amount that they are going to be compensated for working with those people and on those project(s).

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johnpierre – Merry Christmas


Pressgram user @johnpierre wishes the Pressgram community a Merry Christmas!

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XMAS 2013

Scooters, a Bow and Arrow set via Disney’s Brave (love you Merida!), and organic lollipops.

What a joy. Just a snapshot of what Christmas 2013 looked like – the best family Christmas ever.

One More Time, Santa


A family shot, for old times’ sake.

We are cherishing this Christmas season as this might be the last year where Santa is a very real part of our world.

We’ve been tracking his progress from the North Pole (via an iPhone app, of course!) and she’s on pins and needles awaiting his arrival.

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Dru_kennedy – Snowboarding

dru - snowboardingPressgram user @dru_kennedy always has some neat photos and this is one more to add to his great work. He and his friend who is waving at us, show us what a Monday is all about.

‘Tis the season for snowboarding, skiing, hot apple cider, fires, family get-togethers, and great food. Enjoy your day today, even if it’s a Monday!

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