Yearly Archives: 2013 Javascript API for iOS!


Essentially Node.js for iOS. Amazeballs? Yes. The ability to build native-ish iOS apps on top of Node.js and API is really quite lovely and there are tons of developers who are spending much more time with Node.js than ever before.

Enabling code reuseability is one of the best things it’s got going for it and modules galore and if you have any questions than the Node.js API is incredibly-well documented.

Treat yourself this winter break and take a look if you’ve got a sec.


God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts.

Sylvia Plath

Many of us struggle consistently with the teeter-totter affect of feeling nearly-invincible as if we have everything under complete control and then being flung back into an area of deep doubt and anxiety. Artists and creatives especially know the feeling all too well and it can be, quite simply, unbearable.

Plath never quite conquered it and eventually took her own life but at some point she had come to a place where she felt comfortable at being “true to her own weirdness” – I think most of us at some point have to reconcile this tension as well.

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pottstography – Macro Flower

macro flower

Photomacrography otherwise known as macro photography is basically taking pictures of things very close up. These extreme close-ups tend to be of subjects that are very small already such as insects, flower heads etc. Macro photography adds another dimension to everyday objects by giving the viewer a glimpse of a world they would not normally see with the human eye.

Macro Photography has its roots intertwined with science and Fritz Goro a German photo journalist who specialised in the field of science is credited with inventing this style of photography. Lots of macro images have a scientific feel to them as they show us amazing geometric shapes that exist in the natural world.

A quick #Hashtag search of #Macro on Pressgram reveals some amazing images from our Pressgram community and one that really caught my eye was by Pressgram user @pottstography 

You can find the original post here

Also check out more of his amazing photographs on his website

Here you will find more macro shots and some stunning wildlife images and portraits, one of my favourites is a photo of a male peacock in full display.

If you feel like making your own macro photographs them pretty much every DSLR camera will have a macro lens available to buy. If like me you love taking images with your trusty iPhone then how about looking at buying yourself an early christmas present and investing in a Olloclip


I have one of these on my Christmas list so expect to see lots of close up shots from me in the new year.

Do you take macro photographs ??

If so what kit do you use and why ??

Please drop us a comment below and don’t forget to use #dpgram on Pressgram and Twitter so we can find you and your amazing work!