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Weekend Challenge #20 – Blue

Weekend Challenge 20

This weekend we want you to incorporate a color that we are constantly surrounded by.


The sky, oceans, lakes and so many parts of our life have blue in them. Show us your favorite blue in your life. There are no limits on what you can capture, so be creative and show us what you got!

Use #dpblue to submit your photo and we might just share it on the blog!

On a side note, we really want these weekend challenges to be more of a sense of inspiration for ideas rather than a competition. We only share photos we find to be most inspiring to us, the Discover Pressgram team. We are a community ran blog that wants nothing but to support the amazing users Pressgram has. I hope you all have a great time with this challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Obvious Yet Overlooked

a-rockAs organizations scale they can often times forget to be mindful of the things that can really harm the culture if not attended to well in their hunt for big growth. I have thought often of my previous ventures in the past as well as my experience in the enterprise and shudder at the thought of returning to some of those knowing the mistakes that were made and the opportunities lost.

It has all to do with people (as most of us well-know) and what happens is that the obvious things become overlooked and as a result people feel unappreciated and at the very least misunderstood. Even with talented and self-lead staff it’s important that we all take a break to see what’s happened and take a moment to acknowledge that it did, actually, happen.

I think back to when significant milestones were reached and overcome and not the faintest of sounds came from the leadership. It wasn’t that they didn’t know that we had met our goals (and sometimes far exceeded them) but rather that they did not have the emotional wherewithal to express it in a way that mattered.

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peterbang – funny sign


There are many reasons we love photos. There are not many reasons why I decided to feature this post by Pressgram user Peter Bang (@peterbang).

The reason: it made me laugh. Tears and all. One of the reasons we love photos is because of how they make us feel. They’re emotive. They take us through different emotions, and depending on who we are and what is happening in our world, our attachment or reaction to them varies.

I love wacky signs, like the one captured by Peter, a photographer from Washington DC, in the United States.

Check out the original post here. You can see Peter’s website here and his blog here, where he exhibits more serious, high quality and great photography.


Hello Ruby!

I am in love with this Kickstarter project and I cannot wait to get this cute book into my hot little hands! Linda is the perfect blend of super-sweet and super-intelligent; and I can’t believe how natural she is on camera. She’s a powerhouse and a model for little girls like mine.

Please consider supporting it!

A Nice Free Showcase Photoshop File


Wow, now isn’t that nice! Download the PSD here!

I love free stuff like this! This is even more important because I’m considering a significant overhaul of the marketing website when version 2.0 drops… but I haven’t committed myself to it quite yet.

Ah, so much to do… so little time… how often do you think one should “redo” the homepage? I’ve done it too many times already!

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Typeform: Finally a Decent Form Solution


I am seriously crushing on Typeform, a simple and intuitive form management solution that I’ve been using recently. I’ve been digging on it because it makes form building actually enjoyable (which is hard to imagine, I know).

I think the most impressive thing is it’s fluidity of interaction between you, the creator, and the user who will interact with it. Both experiences make sense and both experiences are similar. I like that and I’m not easily impressed.

It’s got a very impressive suite of options and the cost is free while it’s in beta.

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Dru Kennedy – Newfoundland Sunset

dru kennedy discover pressgram

I can never get enough of Dru Kennedy and his awesome adventures in Newfoundland. He is always on a mission to capture the beautiful environment that he lives in. He knows it would be a waste of time if he didn’t. I love this photo of him right in his element.

Rain or shine, summer or winter, he is out there sharing his world with you.

Be sure to check out his website and say hello to him on twitter.

Losing Your Top Pick

He was everyone's top pick but he could only play for one team at a time.

He was everyone’s top pick but he could only play for one team at a time.

I’ve been hiring like crazy for The Iron Yard as we’re expanding quickly into some exciting new geographic areas. Interviewing people and vision casting our future is a fun part of my job as well as making sure that we protect our very special culture amidst our need for scale.

(And you should read the stories of some of what we’re doing to see how neat it really is!)

But on occasion you experience a letdown where you’ve been gunning for a particular candidate and person hoping to woo them into a role that you feel is perfect for them and that’ll fit them like a glove (as well as leave plenty of room for personal and professional growth) and they end up declining the offer.

It sucks but it’s not something that you can easily avoid; when you’re trying to hire the best they always have a near-unlimited number of options to choose from. It’s not their fault at all and I respect them even more for their decisions but it still stings to lose your top pick.

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Marmacher – Man On Bench

b&w man on benchMartin, while in Istanbul, shot this man on his phone in monochrome. The black and white filter, with the crumbling sidewalk in front, and the dilapidated building in back, makes one itch to see what the rest of this area looks like and what the history of this location is. Check out more of his street photography shared from his Twitter. Great capture Martin!

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