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Weekend Challenge #25 – Through

Weekend Challenge 24

Time to get creative everyone!

This weekend I want you guys to start shooting through things to capture what’s behind them! Shoot through different types of transparent objects, between the trees to capture the sky, through a windows of a car, bus or plane. The possibilities are really endless. You can even frame a subject by shooting through objects too. Don’t limit yourself to any ideas that present themselves.

When you shoot it, edit it and post it to your blog, talk about why and how you shot it. Elaborate a bit so we call understand your perspective a little better.

Use #dpthru on twitter and google plus to submit photos so we can find them and share them with the community!

So get to it!

Please share this challenge with friends and family on twitter and google plus as well as in “real life.” Real life is where we the magic really happens.

Have a great weekend everyone.

As Much Favor as You Can Bear

You’ve probably been told (or have told yourself) during tough times that you won’t ever be given more than you can bear/handle/take.

It’s a nice colloquialism or saying but we all know that it does little to dull the pain of the moment or do anything much for that matter when shared. In fact, if you’re like me, then it might just make you more upset.

But recently I’ve been thinking of an inverse of sorts – flipping the idea on its head a bit, if you will. What if we, in equal measure, will never be given more favor than we can bear? An interesting thought, right?

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Clouds Challenge Winner – Dennis Salizzoni

dsalizzoni discover pressgram

The Clouds Challenge winner is Dennis Salizzoni! He shared this fantastic photo with us through twitter and I hope he continues to share his photos after Pressgram Version 2.0 comes out! I think he is going to love the new crops and orientations he will be able to shoot in. I think you all will too!

The landscape and sky are just so full of life in this photo. I am so glad he was able to share it with us. Thanks Dennis!

You can check out Dennis’ photography website here.

Refining the Night


One element that I’ve been considering is creating an option for those who like to write and publish at night (or in dimly-lit areas).

There are more than a few text editors that allow the interface to change colors of the background as well as the text so that it’s a little less painful to stare at the screen.

The thing is this: I’ve never really used it personally. I use the same interface and design and text colors regardless of the time of the day. I’ve never found it of use or of interest to me.

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Installing the Future


We are so close to the release of version 2.0 that I can taste it. Our Community Team has been furiously testing the next release and providing invaluable feedback into the app and the process.

There are still a few bugs to hammer out, as well as specifics, but I’ve been provisioning my device nightly with new builds. It’s exciting to think that we’re almost there.

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Shoes to Fill


My twin brother and I.

We’ve all have a past, as much as we want to hide from it. We’ve all experienced what it’s like to move into a role, a responsibility, a place in life where you were picking up from where someone else left off.

Whether it was something as typical as a new job for you or whether it was something as big as a new familial role we’ve all done something like it.

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