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LinkedIn Allows God Mode


Holy shit… is this person god?

One of the neat things that I have the privilege of being responsible for @ The Iron Yard is helping to cultivate our culture and our staff through coaching, mentoring, and expanding the team with strategic hires (and we’re growing fastget on this rocket ship!).

This means that I am, among many things, overseeing the many applicants that we get for our growing teams. I’m learning very quickly how to scan for obvious signals that will help shortcut the hiring process in an effort to save time (i.e. not waste anyone’s time with needless chat and virtual/in-person interviews).

One of the best signals for clarifying culture and strategic fit is LinkedIn.

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A Month… or Two.

It’s been over  a month since we released v2.0 into the wild and it’s been very well-received with users updating to the new version and a featured listing that has quadrupled the daily download count.

Does this mean that I can retire early and sit on the beach and do nothing for the rest of my life? Not even close. In fact, I now learned from experience that being featured, although a mega-super-awesome honor, does not necessarily guarantee more money.

It has done what many people have claimed it to do: Increase awareness and thus increase downloads. And, more downloads does not equal more money.

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8BIT Branding Docs


I was reminded of some old branding documents for my previous venture and I thought it would be neat to at least share those documents.

The brand for this company was fun because it hit on so many different levels. I great up in the glory days of 8-bit video games and still haven’t quite gotten over it. I’ll opt to play one of those games over any that have been created today. They were, in many ways, just better products.

In that same vein when I came up with the company I had to give it that throwback. I wanted to let everyone know that we were a company that loved great products, that built great products, and that had a culture of fun, entertainment, and history.

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I am Tired of Twitter

I am oh so tired of Twitter. As much as I have leveraged it over the past 6 years and 16 days (to be exact) I have never been in love with it.

It’s like that irritating cousin or distant relative that is technically “family” and that you’d love to avoid during large family events but that you feel obligated to touch-base with to maintain some modicum of relational equity.

Or perhaps it’s like that nagging email or to-do item in your inbox or productivity app that you can’t quite finish out nor complete because it just keeps on showing up for whatever reason (my metaphors are failing badly right now).

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Naptha: Copy Text from an Image Naptha


Creative, highly-practical, super-valuable software like this makes me swoon. The installation process is frictionless and the implementation and use is nearly-immediate.

I think I’ve just found another “must-have” extension for the Google Chrome browser. Yikes. Check out Project Naptha and tell me that you aren’t delighted.