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Love My Town

I love my city. I love my town. I want this city to be the birthplace of great ideas, the place that I and the many creatives who live here can give her credit for when the business thrives, and the place that I can grow my family.

I want to give the city her fair shot about being the best that it can be, especially in terms of startups, incubators, accelerators, networking, entrepreneurship of all kinds, and just simply value-creation.

I would never have thought that I would have so strongly identified with a city for all that I do but it’s kind of happened. I have come to terms with being an Atlantan and I want to do much, much more for her because she’s done so much for me.

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Finding a Break


I have been discovered, on many occasion, sleeping soundly next to my notebook computer trying to catch a few Z’s in between work and binges of code. I have learned that there are very few places that do not actually work as places of rest – in fact, I’m pretty sure that as long as I can fit at least half of my body on some surface (doesn’t need to be flat) that I can get some rest.

And the list of places and circumstances and environments that I have found rest span the strange to the very, very awkward. Sometimes my partners, staff, or even my wife are dastardly enough to capture a picture (or two).

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Mr. Procter, Mr. Gamble

It floats.

It floats.

I am constantly fascinated by the dynamic created by two people who passionately execute against the things that they love, especially when it brings them together in ways that would not necessarily make sense.

I think the story of Procter & Gamble is one of those dynamics. Did you know that they reached $1MM in annual sales back in 1859? With all the money that’s being thrown at worthwhile companies (or at least how often you read about it in the tech blogs) it’s hard to imagine that there was that much capital to consume from buyers back then.

Think about that with a historical context in mind: This was just a few years before the North and the South clashed in our epic United States Civil War. This was approximately 20 years before Thomas Edison found a use and market for his lightbulbs.


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Document Icons


Which one?

Now here’s an interesting question: Would you rather have a typewriter icon (our brand icon) for the documents that are created by the application or would you rather have a preview icon which might be more typical for users and familiar (with the DPM on the bottom to refer to the type).

You can see the choices on the right.

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Paring Down Filters


So many filters.

Yes, I’ll admit it – we have a lot of filters.

Can you help me pare them down a bit? Of the filters that are available, help me isolate 20 or so that we should keep in the next update.

It made sense for a time to have a robust offering because we didn’t have advanced editing controls but now that we do have advanced image editing options the total amount of filters really doesn’t matter as much any more.

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Gearing up for her first soccer tryout. Moving into the “big” leagues.

She’s not nervous at all. I’m about to puke.

Smiles?! What?!

She is gorgeous.

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A Vision That Compels

As a bootstrapped startup you’re sure to be short of one thing nearly always (at least for a period): Cash. I’ve lead a few of these before and it’s both a blessing and a challenge (not a curse, mind you) to have the freedom to execute without the weight of someone else’s money on the line.

Consequently, how does one motivate a team when the financial rewards are clearly not available? And, perhaps more importantly and primarily, how do you motivate people to jump on board with little promise of that short-term financial reward?

I believe the answer lies in visioncasting.

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