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2 Seconds

Count it. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand…

It’s quick but our understanding of speed is relative to the task at hand (or the event that’s taking place). For instance, two seconds in the 100-metre dash is an absolute lifetime while two seconds more while reading a book is the blink of an eye.

Everything else can fall relative on the scale and for most of us most of the time we hardly are even aware of how time really passes.

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Everyone Has Good Ideas…

… but not all ideas are good.

I was reminded this the other night as I chatted with my father about the current state of things and as I asked for some advice and counsel on a few particulars that I know he had experience dealing with.

I was talking specifically about corporate culture, organizational dynamics, and scaling/growth when he level-set the conversation by stating:

Everyone has good ideas but not all ideas are good.

I reflected for a moment and realized that he was right.

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Being Teacherless

Are you teacherless?

It’s a question that I was asked by a mentor of mine and I sat there for a moment and tried to answer his question quickly; I realized that I couldn’t. I wanted to give him some of the typical answers that were easy to conjure up but I realized that he was touching upon something much, much deeper.

The truth was that I was teacherless and had been for a very long time. Right after getting out of college (barely) I went on a long kick seeking to move with speed through what I thought was supposed to be a career.

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An Updated UI [Sneak Peek]


I feel like I’ve been at 99% for so long that I can barely remember a time when the core app wasn’t actually usable.

Of course, I’m being somewhat hyperbolic here as I can obviously remember a time when this application was just stuck in my very head and not much of anything.

But, the last few months I’ve been using the application in the wild (as well as 50+ alpha testers) and I’ve been spending that time refining the system to a fine point.

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Persistence or Quit

We’re in the middle of some significant decisions as a team and I couldn’t be more proud of my team in terms of how we handle the tough calls.

(Although, I’m not sure there is ever a time where we are not in a moment of critical decision-making as a startup…)

Luckily I’ve survived (and that’s really the right word) a handful of startups previously and I see the same patterns emerge.

Ultimately, we as a leadership and organization will face the quesiton of whether we need to continue to pursue the current course or take a different one. It’s about persevering or pivoting (not a super-fan of this word, btw…). It’s about persistence in one direction or quitting it entirely.

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On Tools and Culture

Oftentimes we mistake issues that we have with the tools that we use with the actual culture in which we use them.

In fact, sometimes I’ve heard of some organizations hype up a particular piece of technology or tool as their culture. I have found that very odd.

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