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As I’ve mentioned, I’m spending as much time as I possibly can on building traction for this app so that it can be as successful as possible. Working through books, other marketing materials, and generally developing strategy has been nothing short of a complete grind as I attempt to also simply build product.

The challenge is that have a limited amount of hours that I can actually work on the development portion (and I’ve done that on purpose) and maximizing those hours into anything but product is tough. This is especially difficult since I’m not that “big” into marketing in the first place.

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The Final 1%

The final 1% is the hardest part for me on pretty much any project and I feel like I’ve been at 99% done for weeks, if not months.

The reality is that I haven’t been but psychologically I’ve been fooling myself into believing I’m closer than I actually am.

Working through bugs and user experience issues is important and necessary and I’m quite thankful for the team that I’ve got testing the app – they are the best!

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First day!

I can’t believe this little one has begun preschool. And she absolutely loves it. She loves it so much that she doesn’t even bother paying me much attention when I drop her off – no hugs, kisses, or even an acknowledgement of my presence.

I dig that and I much prefer that to her being apprehensive or anxious.

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App Forgiveness

I love this section via Apple’s guidelines on developing apps from a UX perspective:

Encourage people to explore your app by building in forgiveness—that is, making most actions easily reversible. People need to feel that they can try things without damaging the system or jeopardizing their data. Create safety nets, such as the Undo and Revert to Saved commands, so that people will feel comfortable learning and using your product.

Warn users when they initiate a task that will cause irreversible loss of data. If alerts appear frequently, however, it may mean that the product has some design flaws. When options are presented clearly and feedback is timely, using an app should be relatively error-free.

Anticipate common problems and alert users to potential side effects. Provide extensive feedback and communication at every stage so users feel that they have enough information to make the right choices.

Pretty neat, right?

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A Better Future for Our Children

Image via Kara Gomez

Image via Kara Gomez

I had the great pleasure yesterday to spend time speaking, coaching, and mentoring kids at the San Antonio Code Jam. Complete props to Debi, her team, and the 100+ volunteers that came out to help with the event and, of course, Rackspace for providing an unbelievable environment for the event!

It’s hard to describe the event as a whole since I was pretty blown away by the the entire thing – seeing hundreds of kids actively and interested learning software programming at such young ages is so encouraging!

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