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Retrospective: Blogging the Story of Desk in 2014

A Trip It's Been...

A Trip It’s Been…

This has been the first full calendar year of publishing for this development blog and the core stats are as follows:

  • 148 posts published
  • 68,000 visits with an average of 187 visits per day

I would count and give you some numbers on comments and such but I made a transition from native WordPress comments to Discourse (and I’m not looking back) – so those numbers aren’t that important at this point in time.

What’s neat to see is this graphical view of when I published blog posts and how often as I think there’s a lot to learn here:

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My Top Blog Posts of 2014

Here’s a list of the top 10 blog posts that I wrote in 2014:

  1. 10 Must-Have Mac Apps for the New Apple User
  2. Getting Featured in the Apple App Store (iOS)
  3. Goodbye Pressgram
  4. The Best Desktop Publishing and Blogging App
  5. Swift: Now is the Time
  6. How I’d Use Twitter If I Were to Start Today
  7. On Suicide
  8. I’ve Been Acquihired by Facebook
  9. I’m Joining The Iron Yard
  10. Roenne Learns Ruby

It’s odd, but none of the blog posts that I actually wrote this year are the top blog posts that were actually visited. In other words, the most popular blog posts in 2014 (in terms of visits, pageviews) were actually written in previous years.

For instance, these are the true traffic winners for 2014:

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Role Models: Overrated

I found this entertaining and curious. I like how he put together, a’la Frankenstein, his own model of what success looked like.

It makes me think heavily about what we’re putting in front of our own children and if we’re showcasing too strongly certain people within our society that may create a negative reaction latter down the road.

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Become a Better Version of You This Coming Year (Write More)!


The end of the year is a few days away and I know that many of us are doing some sort of review of our 2014 year and looking toward 2015 with great anticipation.

Perhaps some of you are even making a number of goals for yourself! I think that’s super-important and I am finishing up my list of top-level goals for myself which I’ll share and post on my personal blog here in the next few days.

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It’s a hard truth-pill to swallow but most organizations have significant redundancies in both processes and personnel. What’s really hard to imagine is how most of these organizations are not only aware of them but are also satisfied with doing nothing about them.


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10 Must-Have Mac Apps for the New Apple User

A few of you may have gotten your first Apple computer this Christmas and to that I say this: Welcome to a vastly better computing experience!

I am biased, obviously, but I truly believe that OS X is a superior operating system and that it’s integration with the hardware is nothing short of magical.

After having moved completely to Apple-based products for everything that I do I cannot imagine ever going back – the ecosystem is wonderful and every computing need that I have is present and available.

So, when a friend of mine got her first Mac computer yesterday as a gift and asked me what they should download I gave them an epic list that was probably overwhelming. I’ve since thought about this list and boiled it down to a few absolutes that I would definitely hit up.

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