Monthly Archives: February 2015

9,000 Posts

9000-postsSomething curious happened last weekend: I published my 9,000th blog post here on this particular WordPress installation.

I stared at that number for a moment – that’s a big number. Wow, that’s a lot of clicks on that “Publish” button.

I could probably say a lot about those 9,000 clicks but instead my mind and my hands wandered to another question that I am not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to answer or know concretely: I wondered about the total number of blog posts that I’ve ever published in my entire life.

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On Taking Time Off


“Vacation days” or “days off” isn’t really something that I know much about. Even as my wife and I have planned “time off” we’ve always agreed that I’ll be doing some work super-early in the morning or even late at night.

The reality is that I’m never fully away from the projects that I’m working on or the companies that I’m working for. This is not to say that this is right or wrong but rather it is the lifestyle that my family has agreed works for us.

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“Make Something of Myself”

“I feel this constant pressure to make something of myself,” relates one young person, who now works at a startup after interning at an investment bank.  “Even during celebrations, it’s like we’re all plotting the next competition. My friends have a ton of ambition and no clear place to channel it. I get the sense that we’re all trading happiness to run a little faster, even if we’re not sure where.”

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How to Win the Internet

I’ve traveled around to the many campuses @ The Iron Yard and have given this talk, in person, to hundreds of our students. It is an absolute joy to do and I believe the presentation is much better in person.

But, I am unable to infinitely scale myself so putting together an online workshop and seminar made more sense. Too bad as I don’t get to give all my completely random and seriously-awkward jokes… … oh, wait, that’s probably a good thing.

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