Monthly Archives: February 2015

That Looks Staged

Another child’s bedroom in Los Angeles was suspiciously tidy with a stylish airplane mobile hanging down. “That looks staged,” an anthropologist observed, and the team discussed what that might mean. These were children who were driven everywhere in SUVs with carefully managed after-school activities. The researchers noted that the moms were also “staging” their children’s development.

They were trying to shape children who were creative, fun, outgoing, humorous, intelligent, and quiet all at the same time.

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The Great (Incorrect) Disappointment

First day of the new gig. You walk in the building knowing practically no one. Everyone is pleasant and nice… almost too nice. Everyone (including you) are not quite themselves because everyone understands the power of the first impression so they’re watching every single move and attempting to interpret how these moves might be perceived. It’s exhausting and it doesn’t reflect the natural steady state of the team.

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The End in Mind

Stephen Covey is one of the most well-known business gurus out there and, for once, I don’t actually use that term “guru” and think negatively about it.

Covey has delivered results for countless business leaders with his wisdom. Even for myself I know that I have gleaned an incredible amount and have found his writing to be spooky in its explicit application.

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On Real Transparency

One of the hardest things to do online is to be honest. Like, completely honest without fluff, hype, or any type of filler and/or reduction.

What I mean by that is that it’s just too easy for us to embellish ever so slightly how things are going and to communicate a reality that isn’t 100% accurate.

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