Monthly Archives: May 2015

Google Photos

I like how it’s been de-coupled from Google+. I’m taking a serious look at this for my family’s tens-of-thousands of images. They have native apps for most platforms.

Facebook… What…


Whelp… I never thought I’d be spending so much time working on Facebook and their API… I’m not exactly a super-fan of their social network. Ugh.

So, apparently in their latest update they now restrict access to Facebook Notes for 3rd-party apps.

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OneNote and WordPress


Compose your WordPress posts on any device, cross-platform, online or offline in OneNote and easily reuse content from all your existing notes.

The thought of using WordPress with OneNote wigs me out. OneNote, for starters, is a terrible app.

Wee: Blueprint for Modern Web Dev

This is neat:

Wee bundles many of the components developers need to architect and produce responsive, interactive websites and apps. True to its name, Wee does this all with a tiny footprint. Wee is mobile-first CSS framework with reset, base, and Less mixin library < 4KB gzipped.