Monthly Archives: June 2015

Health Matters


I think every company believes and understands that the health of their employees is really important but very few actually act on those beliefs.

This shouldn’t be a surprise since most (if not all) people also believe that their personal health is really important but, alas, not all actually put that belief in practice either.

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Where’s the Story?

via AVC:

Too many decks (and pitches) are full of facts and figures but lack a cohesive narrative that makes them compelling. Dressing the deck up with beautiful visuals can help, but even if you do that and you don’t “tell a story” you are not putting your best foot forward. … Walk the reader up that mountain and show them the promised land on the other side. That story, when told well, generally does the trick most times.

We need our emotions involved – get us dreaming.

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