Monthly Archives: December 2015

On Ownership

Ownership is one of the most important elements of staff and new hires as a company scales and grows, especially in the beginning.

The challenge is that both the organization and the staff have to come to agreement about what the looks like, not just strategically but also tactically and pragmatically.

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Desk and the (Newish) WP-API

Version 2.0 (Beta 5) is available now and it seems stable enough to take a serious stab at it in terms of integrating with Desk (and replacing the old system of authentication, etc).

I’ve taken a first pass at what seems to be a lot of positives but there are a few initial drawbacks that I’ve discovered. I’ve listed them below:

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A Visit to The White House

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the White House on Monday, which was a total honor and pleasure! It was a “closed press” event and so we were asked specifically to minimize our use of social media during the event and to provide no attribution to anything said during the event.

OoOoOoOoOoOoOooooo… so secretive!

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On Software Birthdays

I’ve been cleaning out my “digital” closet of sorts over the past few weeks as I have geared up and gone “all in” on my current work with TOMO¬†which has been great.

You know, focusing exclusively on one project is rare for me but when it happens the lightbulbs really begin to go off; this strategy allows me to mentally break through significant barriers that I encounter and allows me to dig in deep to attack the really hard problems.

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