Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hey, This Newsletter Thing Can Actually Work…

It’s been an incredibly busy week in every way and I’m always so grateful for it.

Yes, sure, of course… we all have a ton of things going on but not all of our “busy-ness” is good; in fact, if I’m to be honest, there have been times in my life where the work that I was doing didn’t amount to very much and in the worst cases I knew that I was essentially wasting my time.

I hate that and I don’t want that for you nor do I want that for myself! Time is short, limited, and valuable and we should always be working on the stuff that really matters!

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A Newsletter About Building Better Software

TL;DR: Awesome weekly newsletter containing useful links and content that will help you build better software. Subscribe below:

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When I started putting together the email newsletter for this new project I went into auto-pilot mode without giving it very much original or new thought.

My intention was simple (and also unoriginal): Capture emails from interested people and parties that would like to virtually tag along with the process of putting the project together.


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On Friendship

I spent the morning with a new friend and over breakfast we chatted about friendship and what that really means; that topic has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long, long time.

We were both teleported back to middle school / high school and how we both deeply contemplated those things and tried to “figure” it out, find a formula that would work and something that we could solve for.

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