Monthly Archives: July 2016

It’s You. Always You.

People are the solution that drive innovation, that drive peak performance, that allow the things that were once thought impossible to now be possible.

But we also can get grossly in the way making the very things that were once possible, impossible.

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LinkedIn for Developers?

LinkedIn is almost impossible to ignore – it’s so big and so widely used in every circle, market, and industry that it’s essentially everywhere. And even more so with LinkedIn being acquired by Microsoft for an ungodly amount ($26B) it’s gotten as much attention that any company could ever ask (or pay) for.

But if you’re a technical (i.e. software engineer) person like me then you might have a bit of a love-hate relationship with LinkedIn and every time you see it you may even cringe a little (at least on the inside). It’s not that the network is completely without value, it’s just that it’s not all that entirely useful for software developers, engineers, and the more technically-inclined.

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On Logos, Brands, and Mascots

Every team and every project and every company, eventually, has to decide how to best represent and communicate their work to the world. Typically this is housed under the moniker of a “logo” but there’s something deep within my soul that is pretty averse to that word.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many terrible ones in my time, especially with the fly-by-night startups that popup (and then disappear) and that generally follow the soup-du-jour design mechanics and whatever is the culturally relevant design zeitgeist.

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TLD’s / URLs To Avoid for Medium Publications

I’m putting together a new Medium Publication for my “Medium + macOS” project, codename mnml, and I was very excited to create a custom domain for the blog.

This is natural as I’m building a native desktop client for Medium…! Sadly, I was told that the TLD (“Top Level Domain”) that I’m using is not compatible with their SSL partner, Comodo (I believe I got this right).


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Roenne, Jesus

Tonight I prayed with Roenne to receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. She had been struggling all week with extreme fear about the future and Sue and I had been chatting with her about it.

In between mopping, I found a moment to pray with her and walked her through a prayer of hope and thanksgiving and the beginning of a personal relationship with Jesus.

I’m excited to see her grow and I so grateful for her heart. As I’ve said and prayed many, many times, my hope is that she grows “big and strong and brave and wise” (part of our nightly prayers). .