Monthly Archives: July 2016

Write So as to Help Other People

The longer I write the more I’ve realized how “simple” my speech has gotten. In other words, I used to feel pressured to add complexity to my blog posts in terms of word choice and less-often-used words to explain my intent.

Now, I no longer feel that pressure in the slightest. In fact, I’m the most lazy I’ve ever been when it comes to writing. If it can’t be said simply then perhaps I do not understand fully what I’m trying to communicate.

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A Few Screenshots of the “July Prototype”

Keeping form with the new cadence of sharing screenshots of the project (a’la June Prototype Screenshots) I wanted to give you a snapshot of the next few iterations.

But, unlike last month, I wanted to give a bit more context around these screenshots so I can get a bit more exact feedback from our faithful readers and subscribers.

So, take a moment and dream with me for a bit, will you?

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Desk v3: Concept Sneak Peek

As I’ve shared, I’m putting together version 3.0 of Desk and I’ve already started putting together the designs.

Please note, nothing that you see here (or in the near future) are “set in stone” quite yet as I’m working through a number of different concepts for the next version.

But, I’ll let you be the first to know when the images you see are canonical in nature!

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A Quick Product Survey

I took a week off from posting last week and that’s because I was on vacation – go figure.

But, if you’re like me, I got pretty angsty and the break just gave me more time to think through building a compelling and useful product for software developers and teams.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I want to get as much feedback as humanly possible so I’ve put together the first (of many) quick surveys that I could use your help on. Mind giving me a few minutes of your time?

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Success in School


But sometimes, more often than seems entirely reassuring, something confusing occurs: We come across people who triumphed at school but flunked at life. And vice versa. The former stars who once knew exactly how to satisfy their teachers may now be flatlining in a law office or relocating to a provincial town in the hope of finding something better.

The longer I spend time homeschooling my oldest and the more I become more invested in the future of my children through education the more that I become aware of this dynamic.

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ASD and Pokemon Go

Technology has so many positive and unintended outcomes.

Part of our responsibility for those that build software and applications and the companies that profit from them is to be open and aware of these unintended (yet exciting) outcomes.

For example… this is inspiring:

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