Monthly Archives: September 2016

It’s Not the Full Picture

We only catch a glimpse of what is really happening underneath the surface for most people. And, we only know a fraction of their past, their story, their aches and pains and fears.

What we get more of now is a curated view of their lives, exactly as they want it to be seen. It’s not inauthentic, it’s just wildly incomplete.

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Your Choice

Professionally, I still have spent more time in the corporate / enterprise world than I have as a full-time startup person. This will shift in a few years and I don’t regret my time in big business.

I learned a ton about all parts of the organization but perhaps most importantly I learned how important relationships and politics play in getting things done. I would have never known of this (important) dynamic through any other avenue.

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On Viral Events

Viral events for a blog aren’t what they used to be.

Historically, getting a feature or a mention or being “found” or discovered on a big name social network could set up a blog for success in perpetuity. Now, that dynamic just doesn’t work that way anymore.

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Code Can Change Everything (for a Blog)

I’ve been writing publicly every single day for the last 15 years starting in 2001. It’s a streak that I plan on keeping and the beautiful thing is that it’s not even that hard to keep going either – it’s just something I love doing.

And I’ve been using WordPress since 2003 and then started building on top of it a few years later. I can’t believe it’s been that long as well.

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Creativity and Balance

Being creative isn’t difficult… we all have the capacity to think of things, new ideas, and to create things that didn’t exist.

It might seem easier for others but that’s because we oftentimes focus on the more tangible things rather than the intangible ones that are just as important (or more important) than the things that we can touch and feel and taste and see and hear.

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Why Work Here?

There’s a heck of a lot of advice out there on the best places to work or how to create those so-called best places to work and who to work for and how to become the type of boss that everyone wants to work for…

And I’m guilty of writing and sharing blog posts and a wide variety of opinions on this matter – there’s just so much!

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