Monthly Archives: October 2016

Family Pumpkins

We’ve been so busy this year that we’ve barely had time to do anything related to Halloween. But, last night, we were able to sit down and carve a pumpkin. Just one, for the family.

And that felt about right. We had a bit of fun replacing our heads with it:

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Stanley and Piper

A wonderful dialogue and response to Andy Stanley’s sermon series, The Bible Told Me So. I wish more folks would be able to approach theological and spiritual differences in the way which Piper has engaged Stanley.

It’s hard enough to understand spiritual texts and to land in a comfortable spot that allows pragmatic outcomes… adding unhealthy or combative rhetoric adds to the confusion, especially for those who are just diving in.

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Pure Imagination

Microsoft is making a comeback. I’m not sure it’s obvious… but I think it’s coming. I think that Microsoft is going to become the new Apple and, as a consequence, Apple may become the old Microsoft.

It starts as a whisper, a strange and eery comparison of storylines (and leadership), and then we’ll all wake up one day and it’ll just be.

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What’s in a Name?

One of hardest things about putting together a new project is coming up with a suitable name. And, as I shared a while back, when I first starting blogging weekly about this project I mentioned, near the end, that it would be called “Pinpoint” until a better name came along or until we felt specifically inspired.

I even shared that, regardless of the name, that I really cared more about the brand as a whole (and perhaps a mascot of sorts) – we have all lived long enough to interface with companies and products that we love that have some of the strangest names to date.

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Building Stuff

I’ve been building stuff for a very long time and I have loved the act of creating things with my own hands, especially when it’s from absolute scratch.

And in the moment I loved it and I figured that because I loved it that I would continue to build similar things. What I wasn’t ready for was the fact that the act of building was more about building oneself than the actual product.

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