Monthly Archives: November 2016

Leadership, Messy

When I first started building software for the big companies I was quickly told what to do and how to do it and where I stood (or sat) in the corporate structure (and I started early, 15 years old…).

And, for a time (a very short time) I was okay with this because I was learning what it meant to “clock in” and “clock out” and earn my pay as a corporate employee.

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On Value Statements and Real Behavior

I’ve spent a good deal of time in the past meditating and writing about the development, the creation, and the utility of value statements within organizations and how they can positively and negatively impact an organization when done well and when done poorly.

And as an ever-evolving person, my attitude and perspective has changed as I have spent more time within a variety of different organizations from being a staff and team member as well as an executive leader and founder. And like you, I’ve seen it all in terms of how well values are displayed and lived-out within and without a business.

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Hone a Useful Craft

I have really been meditating on this post since I first read it just a week or so ago and there have been more than a handful of you who have also commented (or tweeted) or pinged me privately asking for more additional thoughts on how to best go about taking those words to heart.

I don’t have any super-useful pieces of advice, but, I have been thinking about what to do with what I’ve read in my own life and it’s been more clear to me that reconsidering how I use my time is… well… it’s about time to reconsider how I use it.

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The Power of Committing

Sometimes the most important thing that you can do is simply make a commitment to a new path or perspective and then start walking.

And most of the time you have very little information about why you’ve made the commitment other than a gut-level feeling that you should. These aren’t the trusty, data-driven decisions that we all want and are more comfortable with; they are ones related to the heart, the soul, and the spirit.

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On Software Programming and Artificial Intelligence

The tooling and technology around software engineering has been rapidly increasing in size and scope and the things that were once very costly and that required a lot of time can now be executed near-instantaneously.

This, as many of us are familiar with, is a natural extension and expression of Moore’s Law and it’s more exciting than ever to be in computing and software. It can also be a bit scary (if you think about it for too long).

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