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Top Posts from 2016

Like many bloggers I’m fascinated by traffic patterns and understanding user / reading behavior. If I were to be even more strategic I would actually do something with a lot of this data but I actually don’t care much about it at this point in time.

In fact, I don’t care at all, to be honest. If a particular blog post gets a lot of views then I’m happy and if it gets barely anything then I’m equally happy. Why? Because I write first and foremost for myself.

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Quick Thoughts on the Twenty Seventeen Theme

I’ve been using the new Twenty Seventeen theme via WordPress’ most recent major update (“Vaughan“) and I’m really, really liking the experience. For context, I’ve been using it for about two weeks, here on my personal blog and even my startup’s blog as well so I’ve been able to test-drive it for different reasons and audiences plenty.

Starting a few years back I began using the “default” yearly theme for this blog to not only give a virtual hat-tip to the design and engineering team but also, and most importantly, for one very simple (and I believe rational) reason:

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The Power, Importance of Dogfooding

The last few weeks have been nothing short of exciting. Not only have we become increasingly more public with our efforts (especially with Jeff’s announce) but we’ve started scheduling in time to connect with some of our early test group individuals, teams, and organizations.

Naturally, it’s tough to do the latter considering that many folks are “clocking out” for end of the year activities, holidays, and the New Year that is fast-approaching (can you believe 2016 is nearly over?!).

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The Scary Things

When was the last time that you did something that reallytruly, frightened you? When was the last time that you found yourself on the proverbial edge and peered over into the abyss?

I don’t think we do this often enough. I don’t think that most of us get even close to that type of place. I mean, why would we? Why would I? Why would anyone willingly put themselves into a frightful situation?

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Help Others Find Purpose, Process

There’s purpose in what you’re doing, even the mundane things. It may not feel like it – I mean, there have been many times in my life where I feel like I’ve been literally wasting away.

But, that feeling doesn’t last long because I, like most of you, want to be living a purpose-driven life. I want to wake up knowing that the things that I’m doing and the people that I serve has meaning, weight, and that there’s a deeper reason for it all.

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