Monthly Archives: February 2017

We Must Serve the User Through Intelligent Organization

One of the craziest things happened this past weekend and it couldn’t have been better timed (I love how that happens)! I’ll share that in a bit, but first, let me share a few thoughts about the basis upon which this important event was ever-so fortuitous…

As you know, we’ve been obsessing over the creation of a developer-centric newsfeed and we’ve been iterating on it for the past few months, which you can see through the archive of posts on this blog.

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Celebrate, Repeat

I’ve talked about this principle before but I love how I can expand on the topic a bit via my vlog:

What is celebrated is repeated.

Simple, profound, and very, very useful. It can be grossly and liberally applied in all of our lives for some very positive outcomes. Doesn’t have to be just personal either as I explain in the vlog:

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How Charisma Works

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, the art and science of charisma. Or, even the anatomy perhaps:

Charisma, though, has two halves. It’s a relationship between the person who possesses it and the people who respond to it. It’s only when the spark meets the kindling that a flame can ignite. A charismatic speaking to a mirror is not particularly exciting. Put one in front of a crowd, however, and you’re in for a show.


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Death by 1,000 Acts of Insecurity

I created this somewhat terrible graph / drawing the other day for a vlog titled “continuity” which is really about learning how to be our authentic selves, regardless of the platform or medium, regardless of whether it’s online and offline.

I think this is hard for a number of obvious and not-so-obvious reasons but it’s been on my mind quite a bit since I started my video project almost 100 days ago.

You can see the graph here:

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It’s the Small Things

Sorry, not sorry. I’m a bit obsessed with newsfeed design(s), user interfaces, and naturally user experiences right now.

I’ve signed up for god knows how many social networking services and apps in the last few weeks (and months) to just see how other brilliant folks are building out / have built out their feeds.

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