Monthly Archives: April 2017

On Being Ruthlessly Open-Minded

I shared this link via a newsletter that I publish twice a week but I wanted to make sure that I could capture and share it here too, more for my own benefit to be honest.

In a 54 minute sit-down, Marc Andreessen shares a few thoughts on a number of different topics, from startups to venture capital to the larger macro economies and more. There’s so good stuff in there and then there’s so “meh” stuff too (like most of these things).

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On Building an Audience

One of the most competitive things that you and I can do as builders and creators of products and companies is tell the story of not only what we’re building but also why we’re building it.

This allows you to do many things that end up being a major competitive advantage for you and your growing business, especially if you’re starting from scratch (i.e. early-stage startup).

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On Growing the Culture

We’ve been building a lot of momentum around the product and we’ve been very fortunate to land on something (iteratively) that deeply resonates with folks, especially our early customers.

This means, of course, that we’ve attracted a little bit of attention with financial parters and venture capitalists and we’re honored and humbled for that type of attention. The conversations have been fun, enlightening, and very challenging – just like any good relationship should be, right?

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