Monthly Archives: May 2017

Hiring a Growth Mindset

Been doing a lot of thinking around hiring these days as we gear up to grow our small team of 3 founders at Pinpoint and I’ve been reviewing my own personal notes from the past and updating them for my own use.

One of the things that I come back to time and time again is the power and importance of having a growth mindset when it comes to early-stage organizations.

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Checking In, Daily

One of the things that I appreciate about some of the relationships that I’ve built over time is the fact that we “check in” pretty frequently.

In some instances I do this daily (multiple times a day… almost a consistent messaging thread(s)) and for others it’s not so much… perhaps once a week.

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A Canonical Curriculum Vitae

If you’ve been watching my vlog recently you’ll know that I’ve been curating my social media and a variety of social networks by either cleaning them up or removing them entirely.

It’s been one of the most freeing activities that I’ve done in a long time and it’s something that I can’t quite get enough of.

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Technology Persuasian

These two videos were really impactful and made me do some serious thinking about my social media usage and even the software that I choose to use and engage with.

It aligns perfectly well with what I’ve been doing recently, removing things like Twitter and Google+ and I even deleted Tumblr yesterday (didn’t make a big deal about that, but, I had over 2,000 posts there…).

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Delete Google Plus

I’ve been on a really good “cleanse” recently, moving a ton of distraction from my life and even dropping entirely such services as Twitter.

The results have been great and the free space that I’ve had psychologically is too good not to repeat. I mean, if you find a great habit to kick then why not rinse and repeat?

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