Monthly Archives: June 2017

On Software Superpowers

I’d like to expand a bit more on my thoughts around on real agility and competitive advantage within the enterprise and at a much more broad sweeping and industry meta-level.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how organizations at scale build software and how difficult it really is to not only introduce change but then go one big step farther and implement that change effectively.

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Sexual Harassment

We need to talk more candidly about the problems within our professional world, not just the tech industry that’s been getting a lot of attention recently but in all markets, in all industries, and in all types of businesses where there are women and men.

Essentially, everywhere. We need to create more open dialogue and better reporting. We need greater courage and leadership from everyone (and especially those in official leadership positions).

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Simple Advice

Sometimes the best advice is also the most simple. Well, if I’m to be honest, any complex piece of advice is probably bad and too complicated for its own good.

I think of the many times that I’ve met with my own coaches and mentors and although the situations and circumstances may have been fairly labyrinthine it all could be boiled down into making a series of simple decisions that ultimately was able to draw out deep and wide outcomes.

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Cryptocurrency Newsletter

My brother has been actively investing and researching cryptocurrency and is quickly becoming a relative expert on the subject, especially compared to myself.

He’s gone one step further and, as I’ve shared in the past, launched a new YouTube channel to educate folks on these types of things. Honestly? I’m learning a ton and it really is in digestible chunks that I can listen to on the go.

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A Sublime URL

I don’t always end up liking the original domain names that I purchase and very few last the test of time. The most obvious long-lasting domains that I have are actually this blog ( and my proper name URL, among others.

What I mean is that I get bored easily, even with the domains that I purchase for indie projects, and I don’t often re-up the yearly fee to keep a lot of the ones that I purchase.

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On Real Agility and Competitive Advantage

The Scrum Alliance recently released their yearly report (download here) which gives a broad-sweeping overview of how organizations of all sizes are applying an Agile-based approach to building software to not only remain relevant but to innovate and create true, long-lasting competitive advantage.

And what they’ve found is that the agile methodology is not only being applied outside of the immediate world of information technology and software development but now also around business practices as a whole. The philosophy Agile Frameworks and Scrum clearly allow for these creative applications!

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Your Best Investment Ever

Hey folks,

Wow, has it really been that long since I sent you one of these? Yes, yes it has… on May the 4th actually.

And that was a pretty important day, by the way… I had publicly revealed MNML App and wanted to share it with the world. I’m glad it’s out and I’m glad folks are finding it useful, naturally.

But that’s not what this newsletter is about, of course. I had some inspiration recently that I wanted to share with you and I thought was important enough to open up the newsletter editor and jot a few thoughts done.

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