Monthly Archives: August 2017

Unless It Means Effort

True competitive advantage for a startup against other startups and certainly the incumbents is velocity and very little else.

A startup’s ability to move quickly with very little friction in any and all directions is something that the larger companies can never do.

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To-Do List Apps Should Make Us Better Humans

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One of the things that I’ve been incessantly obsessed with over the years as a professional is ensuring that I not only am using the best tools to get the job done but that I’m also reviewing the underlying behavioral mechanics that have driven me to choose one particular tool over another.

You see, there is a intimate relationship between my own natural behavior and the tools that I choose to use. The hope is, of course, that the right tool will exponentially increase my ability to execute and perhaps even automate that behavior without my explicit input.

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On Outfits and Old Dogs

My wife is an incredible partner, wife, and very, very patient friend. Some of the daily challenges that I have are around things that most neurotypicals do not think twice about.

For instance, my wife has helped create dress combinations for me since we’ve been married which has helped me look my best.

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