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You Decide

One of my favorite leadership strategies regarding team member empowerment is to simply allow staffers, especially new ones, the room and the leverage to make decisions (and mistakes).

To do this you simply need to say two very important yet powerful words:

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A Good Reason to Gather

Celebrating someone’s life is a great reason to gather. It’s a great reason to take the time, travel the distance, and hug someone you haven’t seen in what feels like ages.

Part of what makes grief so potent is that it’s often done alone. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.

Grieving together is always better and it can even be beautiful.

My grandmother’s passing is a reminder of how short our lives really are and yet how full they can be when lived well.

Seeing my family, my friends, and some of the folks that I love the most made me smile endlessly.

What a good reason to gather.

What is Up, Everybody…!

… *bonus points to those who know where the title (“quote”) is from… one of my favorite movies!

Hey folks! It’s been too long!

Wanted to give a brief update and then some neat things to chew on, even if you’re not a Cryptonaut, we wanted to share some progress on the native iOS app that we’re building!

What, what! 

First, here are some never-before-seen concepts of the brand that we were building out. These aren’t final, of course.

As I mentioned, we typically share this with the Cryptonauts, but, today… bonus time! Everyone’s a winner!

And here’s a screenshot (or two) around our development progress:

Onwards and upwards!

The Next Yahoo!

I haven’t read any commentaries on the new and recent Twitter change regarding the increase of characters per tweet (140 chars to now 280 chars) but I already have an opinion.

And… that doesn’t mean that my opinion is very good, but, I share a few candid thoughts this morning via my vlog here.

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All At Once

Some of us have lived long enough to begin to recognize the clear patterns in our lives.

In other words, we’ve understood that life is cyclical and that it tends to repeat itself and that, for whatever reason, our own lives seem to have distinct and specific and special patterns.

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