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The Dogelord on CNBC!

Check it out! The full article can be found here:

Something that is not as obvious is the fact that your support lets us find time to do these types of interviews… the coordination and effort is more than it should be, but, that’s honestly how these much bigger organizations run and operate.

No one can move as fast as us!

Thanks again! Enjoy!

– The Dogelord

Pushing Beta Back…

This Dilbert comic literally came into my inbox early this morning and I had to laugh… because it’s entirely true.

Building software is hard… and you realize that when you start putting things together you believe that you have 90% of the things figured out but in reality you only have about 10%.

And regardless of how long we’ve been product and software engineers… we still grossly underestimate the amount of time and effort required to put things together… even after 20 years+ of doing this!

All that to say, Peter and I have worked non-stop this past weekend putting things together to get the BETA ready for you fine folks… and as we got closer to the end of Saturday evening (or was it Sunday morning… .. .. …. … ..) we realized that the app wasn’t nearly as ready as we wanted it to be.

So, we’ve got a lot more work to do so that we can have the best possible experience for you and to maximize your feedback. <~~~ This is probably the most important thing.

That being said, we’re still moving forward quickly with the web / desktop / responsive version and here’s a sneak-peek of the mobile version:

Don’t worry, we’ll have both light and dark versions:

We’re getting there. Thanks for your patience and support!

– The Dogelord & john


I originally shared this here on The Bitcoin Pub. To lay some context down, I have been getting a lot of pitches for new projects in the blockchain space, especially because I’m building in that exact space (go figure).

After getting the 100th pitch (or so) I realized that I could do myself a massive favor and just write out all of my thoughts on this particular topic and then just reference the canonical post whenever I get pinged! What a novel idea, I know.

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