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Project XyZ: Early Concepts

We’ve been wanting to share with you something awesome for a bit of time now and today will be the very first (of many) behind-the-scenes on the next big project we’re putting together…

Peter and I have been listening daily to the needs of our small (but growing !) community and we’ve been secretly working on what we believe to be the most important product that we’re going to put together for you all.

For now, we’re calling it “Project XyZ” and we don’t have much more to share, at the moment, but… if you’ve been listening to Peter talk on his livestreams about “exchanges” and such… you’d already have a lot of insight into what we’re putting together.

For this project we’re going to need help from our Cryptonauts+ for serious testing when we have something to show…

… but, we’ll let you know when that time has arrived.

In other news… the desktop version of CryptoYum is almost done, so, we’ll need your help testing that out as well, fellow Cryptonauts!

You all rock.

– john


We’ve got a newborn (how long can I say that…? He’s 4 months old now…) and we’ve been trying to understand as much as we possibly can about the best ways to go about everything in terms of raising a child.

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Out of the Ordinary

I spent a little bit of time with a younger gentleman and our topic of conversation was coding bootcamps and whether or not to drop out of university and do one of those full-time.

Now, of course, I have a little bit of experience with those types of institutions…

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CoinPuffs Email Alerts: Opening Up to More Testers…!

Hey folks,

Fellow Cryptonauts+ have spent the last week or so test-driving a new experiment and now we’re ready to have a few more folks join in on the action and give it a test-drive.

Thanks for all the help so far and if you have feedback, please drop it here:

This is for Patrons-Only … so don’t go sharing it publicly quite yet!


– john