Monthly Archives: April 2018

YEN Logo Design #4 Option – Give us Feedback!

Hey guys,

Thanks again so much for the feedback. 

Someone asked why we’re spreading these out. It’s because it allows John and I to discuss internally the ideas, the implications, and the changes. 

This allows us to really hone-in on the message we want our logo to have!

This is our magnum opus application. ENTERPRISE GRADE! We want to get as much of it to be absolutely epic!

Thanks guys!


Yup. Email. It’s a Thing.


As you know, we like to share explicitly and intentionally the things that your patronage supports…

… and one of the things that we incur every month is a growing bill for deploying email throughout our properties.

This is about $14 more than last month, so, it’s not that bad! But, if we’re to be honest, we’ve lost some of our patrons last month, for whatever reason (and they are probably legit).

The point is this: Thank you. It means a lot that you continue to help make all of this possible. You’re the best.

– john

YEN – LOGO Design #3! – YO! Thoughts?

Here is our 3rd logo design from our designer. 

Really really really appreciate all your feedback on our designs!

We’re taking copious notes, talk daily about the “theme” the “feelings” the “principles” the “iconography” etc etc!

It’s all adding up to create something great!

Thanks guys!