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Lo-Fi Concepts of Yen’s Feed Structure and Design

As many of you have guessed, part of the experience of Yen will be centered around the on-going conversations and dialogues that we all are having about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

To that end, we started putting thoughts-to-paper about how a new type of “feed” might look like, with tooling and features specifically tailored to cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts.

Here are some of the very first low-fidelity concepts that we created. We’ll save a bit of the commentary around these for now, but wanted to give you a first-look at what we’ve been hammering on for the past few months:

We came up with 2 other variations to this first pass as well and we’ll share those as well soon.

– Dogelord

Creating an Effective Login Page

As we’re building this application from the ground-up we have to obviously consider every single aspect of the user experience, from the first encounter to the time that they logoff (for the day… and come back the next!).

As we work through designs for an effective landing page we’ve realized that we’ve essentially seen most of the designs options available to us and we’re generally not impressed.

It’s not that other great teams haven’t been able to build and put together decent-looking designs… it just feels like most of them are just a bit too “meh” for us.

That, of course, leaves us with a few options:

1. Either we take the zeitgeist of what “good” landing pages is right now and just operate in that vein…

2. Or we design something completely original and perhaps a little bit obscure.



Some More Brand Designs

We shared a little while ago that we had landed on the final version of our new brand and logo:

We wanted to share a bit more of the final branding document with you all!


And then we have some cool ideas for Badges and the like as well:

Building out the Transaction Layer (via Coinbase API)

This is my week with John. We have been crushing the code out here in San Fran.

We have some very important milestones to hit.

We will get back to the behind the scenes videos next week! This week is all about the pair programming grind.

Late night coding sessions. Late nite talks. Late night vision casting.

The dream is coming alive!