Monthly Archives: June 2018

There Was a Reason

Building something new is wonderful because you don’t have any native history – you really do have a completely carte blanche opportunity.

But, the moment you join anything, you must necessarily adopt a set of rules baked within the culture and then any axioms that may have naturally arisen out of that new economy.

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Yen: A Useful History of Transactions

A history of transactions isn’t exactly the sexiest thing that one could build but they are necessary for us to stay accountable to our gains (and losses) so that we can learn what works and what doesn’t.

But not all ledgers are useful… and so we wanted to tackle this opportunity from a functional perspective as well as from a design perspective. Here’s one such concept and iteration:

Now, this is just the start but something we want to engage with you on is how we can make these histories, these ledgers… actually more useful than just showcasing historical events.

Wouldn’t it be neat if we could auto-magically make suggestions based on previous performance? Machine learning all the things?

This is just the start my friends…