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Yen: The Power of Making It Smaller

The rise of social networks gave us the ability to expand our relational networks to a near-infinite ceiling.

This, of course, has some utility but we know that real life is done in much smaller and more intimate settings.

Groups, naturally, were at the very forefront of our design-thinking when we started putting ideas into code for Yen and creating a robust Group system was an uncompromisable part of our product.

We’ll share more about how we want to implement this feature later, but, one of the neat things that we’ve thought about doing is allowing the user select the groups they want to share their content with, at the time of creation:

Why? Because not all of your groups need to know all of the same pieces of information. Just as you would only share cute (naked) baby pictures with a close group of friends and family you wouldn’t do the same with the larger and more general populace.

This, again, follows natural human behavior as we have many different (and lovely) concentric circles of relationships. 

In our case, perhaps you only want to share very specific cryptocurrency activities with certain particular groups… or perhaps you want to share your general hypotheses and market reactions to the larger public so that you can engage and learn about other’s opinions on the matter.

Who knows?

Here’s another design concept that we came up with:

All we want to enable you to do is to match your already normative behavior with a tool that does the same.


Yen: Copying a Transaction

One of the more powerful features that we’re building into Yen is the ability to “imitate” or “copy” a transaction that you believe is a good one.

This is actually more natural than you might initially think as most of our decision making is actually based on our real social networks and our circles of trust instead of deep technical due diligence or research.

For instance, you didn’t buy that _____fill_in_the_blank_____ because you thought it was the ____insert_superlative_here____ … you bought it because a friend or trusted person recommended it to you, right?

We wanted to build this type of behavior natively into Yen so that you (and your network) can make the best cryptocurrency transactions possible, at the right time.

One widget that we’re playing around with is the ability for you to see what the most “imitated” or “copied” transactions might be in different groups within your social network. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could see not only the most copied but also the highest performing based on real price data?

That would be pretty freakin’ cool.


Too Good (or Bad) Not to Share

via SHL:

So if someone asks me for my thoughts on depression and suicide: sure, more therapists, discussion, and anti-depressants; certainly for the specific people who need emergency help now. But the meta-answer is to ask deeper questions about humanity, and to start questioning the life values that have been sold (and I do mean sold) to us; no matter how much we think they are supreme. Because we’ve clearly broken something, and it’s worthwhile to look back and examine a time when it wasn’t broken.

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