Monthly Archives: September 2018

Yen: Simple Notifications Work

One of the neatest things that I love is working through the in-app notifications that we ultimately need to build.

These things can come in many shapes and forms and designing them effectively takes time and great consideration as there’s really nothing more annoying that a bad and poorly designed notification.

I mean, we all know what that’s like.

As you can see above, adding a small bar at the top might seem familiar (which is good) but it wasn’t always this way! Design aesthetic changes as consumer behavior (and expectations) change and it’s our job and responsibility to make sure that we’re building what our users want.

So, even the smallest design choice can make a huge difference, short and long-term. And even though you may only see this specific notification once… it needs to stay out of the way and be useful without being obnoxious.

These are the types of design decisions that we obsess over… because these are the types of things that make it different, special, and ultimately… useful.

– john