Monthly Archives: September 2018

Yen: Design All The Things

It’s obvious as a product designer but not-so-obvious to those who’ve never built a digital application… you have to design EVERYTHING.

Every piece of content and element of the product needs a good taste of design and even the smallest bits and pieces need tender love and care.

What I like to do is to first build some low-fidelity mockups and designs and then add color and polish to get higher-fidelity.

And, as we move toward building it out in production, adding small (yet fun!) embellishments is always an option. 

For instance, why not add a fun gif when you can? Like so:

Why wouldn’t you want something like this in your email confirmation screen?


– john

Yen: Administrating a Social Network

Building a compelling and entirely useful social network is difficult to start with… but making sure that we can keep everything civil and manage the “bad actors” is also of utmost importance, especially in a post-Facebook-scandal, post-Twitter-censorship world.

We’ll start with some basic features for our moderators and then grow from there – putting these pieces together is going to be super-important and very difficult to get right.

Consequently, we’ll need your help to manage the growing culture and pulse on the community and we’ll create some tools on the backend to respond to all of your feedback.

If you have experience moderating a growing community, we may call upon you to help… just keep that top-of-mind!

– john

YEN: Expanding Coinbase… and… Binance…?!

As you know, Coinbase recently released an update for professionals and retails customers allowing Ethereum Classic to be bought and traded.

Obviously, our existing design wouldn’t work with that update, so, we’ve been spending time refactoring that design with the consideration that things will continue to expand and grow in offering.

In addition, we’ve taken the time to also experiment with adding other exchanges, like Binance, to the user-flow and experience. These should provide a pretty good foundation for adding even more exchanges down the line.

We’ll save more explanation for later… enjoy the high-fidelity concepts (not final, of course):

And, of course, a quick look at the user settings page:

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

– john