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A Brief History and the Future

Hi and thanks for dropping in.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll notice the posts from the past two years will look familiar. These are the actual posts one for one from our Patreon page which we closed at the end of 2018. We couldn’t have gotten to this point without the help and support from our patrons but we made the difficult decision to move on from Patreon to focus on our magnum opus,

If you’re just catching up, we thought the previous posts would be a neat way to share our background and our thought processes to everyone without any type of subscriptions. Take a look back and see how we developed CryptoYum, CoinPuffs, the Bitcoin Pub, and now

Besides, you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. We’ll post any updates to our community and our efforts here so please bookmark and follow along!

The Site is Down

I woke up early this morning, energized and ready to tackle the events of the coming day with zest, gusto, and a great sense of enthusiasm for life (and fit in more hyperbolic words and phrases here…).

Why? Because today I planned to start my vacation…

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Alpha Class Day 6 – 8PM – Let’s Go!

Final day of our Alpha Class Cohort!

It’s been a wild ride, so much has emerged. So much change I have seen. So much wow!

We’re gearing up for a HUGE month. October will only be BETTER!

The timing of all of this is impeccable. It’s amazing what happens when you smash atoms together…

See you guys tonight at 8PM EST! Link will be sent in email!

The Right to Your Labor – SUNDAY SERMON

[PATREON ONLY] – Please no sharing!


Last chance to sign up for our first Alpha Class Cohort to prepare you to use our social crypto exchange!

You must be Cryptonaut or Quartermaster level!

You have a right to your labor, not the fruits of your labor – Krishna


This means that in a completely JUST system, you do not have a right to your fruit. You only have a right to your labor (you put in).

There is NO fruit.

Your RIGHT is to your LABOR alone. What your willing to grind.

If you’re going to be working anyway… make it fucking count.


Quartermaster Chat Tonight 8PM EST

Patreon is having some difficulty giving those who just upped their pledge to Quartermaster access to the tier.

Please send me a PERSONAL DM on DISCORD if you are a Quartermaster and I will send you tonights link. Stay on discord till we move to

Please don’t DM me if you aren’t in the tier. I have the list in front of me and I’d like to not have to check and make sure…

See you tonight!