Monthly Archives: August 2019

RV Day 8

We spent the day finding a spot in Atlanta (a full stop) and there are really only a handful of them in the metro area. So, we landed just north in a spot in Norcross.

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1,000+ Community Members, Unlimited Stories

You heard that right. We officially have over 1,000 Yenizens in the Yeniverse! The last time I wrote on hitting a milestone was in July when we became larger than Vatican City. At that time, we had 810 Community Members, which means we have grown 25% in a month (wow!). I absolutely love seeing fresh faces on the platform, but what I love even more is seeing the warm welcome they receive from our community. 

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Dogfooding Your Way to Success

From the very beginning we wanted to take a different approach to how we see support. Often times the focus on early stage start ups is acquisition. Get as many users as possible on the site and focus all efforts there. As a byproduct, supporting those users once they’re on the platform gets less time and attention leading to an at best meh experience and at worst, an experience leading someone to vow to never use the platform again.

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