Section 230, Deplatforming, and Moderation Laws

I wrote an important piece on deplatforming, censorship, and moderation laws because so many folks have this wrong:

Finally — and I’ve managed to avoid it directly in this article but it’s unavoidable at this point — Section 230 does not require “neutrality” when it comes to politics.

In fact, it says the opposite! Sites can moderate any way they like and face zero liability. The politician that you just heard this from is dead wrong.

And, as we already know now, Section 230 is is not a “get out of jail free card” for any community or website. We know this because web services get sued all the time as they are still liable for content they themselves create and/or post; just as your parents taught you.

Bottom-line: Moderating content is about reducing and removing contentnot producing it. And you don’t lose 230 protections if your “mod hat” isn’t neutral; not how it worked back then and that’s not how it works today.

Community leaders: You are protected to ban, moderate, and pursue the creation and development of your unique community spaces as much as you’d like as long as you don’t break the laws yourself.

via YEN.FM

Get the facts, folks. It’s time that more folks were literate when it comes to some of our most important laws and freedoms.

Don’t be ded.