25 or 75?

ben-benjamin-franklinBenjamin Franklin once said,

Some people die at 25 but are buried at 75.

I couldn’t find the original context in which this was said but it’s obvious that he wasn’t talking about physical death.

Have you ever thought about how quickly the world can kill your dreams? Think back to when you were younger perhaps and when there seemed to be infinite potential for an infinite amount of things.

Truth be told, most of those hopes and dreams were just immature and foolish but unfortunately you and I may have thrown away too many of the good ones out with the bath water, so to speak.

The beginning of this new year is another opportunity for you to dream once again. Dream strong dreams and cultivate big hope for a brighter tomorrow. Make sure that you look back at 2014 fondly and with glowing pride. Stay focused and stay hungry; truly perish at 75.